Secrets for Creating Great Photographs

Secrets for Creating Great Photographs

Class Syllabus

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Session #1: (recorded for later viewing)

Sherron’s program will cover many of the secrets she uses to create her award-winning images.  The program will also include step by step Photoshop techniques she uses on every image she creates.

In addition to the Secrets of Creating Great Photographs program, the workshop will also include image critiques. Sherron's approach to critiquing is centered on her own artistic approach to photography. Sherron will use images that have been submitted by students and make actual changes to the images that show what can be done to improve the image. Students can submit up to 3 edited images that they feel need something more. From those 3 images, Sherron will pick one image to work on in Photoshop and will show layer by layer what she would do to give the image more impact. She will give the students honest suggestions on what is right about their images and what could make their images better. She will offer suggestions that are designed to add impact and to elevate the image to new artistic levels.

Session #2: (recorded for later viewing)

The best way to learn to create great images is to get quality feedback on your images so, in session 2, Sherron will continue with the image discussions that are designed to help students create award winning images for themselves.  The image critiques will continue until every student that submitted work has had their image discussed. In addition to the image discussions, and if time permits, Sherron will go through her award-winning images layer by layer, including the image that scored a perfect 100 at both the state and national levels. By discussing Sherron’s own images, you will see the small changes that can be added to an image using simple Photoshop techniques that can help you win awards and elevate your own images. You will also see the thought process behind those changes.

What this program covers:

  • Students may send up to 3 images from which Sherron will select 1 image to work on in Photoshop/Elements.
  • Sherron covers secrets that she uses when altering her images.
  • The program includes many of Sherron’s images that illustrate the program points.
  • Photoshop techniques are covered, step by step, that Sherron uses on every image she creates.
  • Sherron goes through images layer by layer to explain her retouching process, and to help students gain insight into her thought process.
  • Friendly advice will be offered to help you improve your images.
  • Critique suggestions to help students alter their own image and improve their image designs and to add more impact to their images.
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • 2 hours of Photoshop training by pre-recorded videos from Sherron’s EPNet on-line classes. Links to videos provided by email and active for 3 months.

Photoshop/Element Videos:
11 Pre-recorded Videos from previous On-line Photoshop/Elements Fundamentals Workshop, over 2-1/2 hours of Photoshop/Elements educational videos.  Videos were recorded using earlier versions of Photoshop/Elements but the concepts would be the same.

Topics covered in videos:

  • How to create and use Reveal and Hide All masks.
  • How to create Combined layers and how to use them.
  • Examples of how Sherron uses Tint layers on color and BW images
  • How to create and use Burn and Dodge layers
  • 3 videos on how to select and mask out edges when combining images
  • Explanation on how to Transform elements.
  • How to use the Clone Tool
  • Adjustment layer and Blend Mode
  • 3 Methods to remove Color Fringing
  • Links to access videos provided by email. The material will be active for approximately 3 months.
  • Also included is a Photoshop/Elements Shortcut, Tips, and Information supplement PDF.

Additional Mentoring Sessions Available:
Private 2-week Critique Sessions with Sherron Sheppard for additional image critiques. Students may submit up to 5 new images by email within a 2-week period for discussion.  In addition, students can re-submit those images with modifications as many times as needed within 1 month of starting the mentoring session.

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