Secrets for Creating Great Photographs

Secrets for Creating Great Photographs

Including Image Critiques

A Webinar and Video Class with Sherron Sheppard

Have you worked on an image until you had no idea what else to do but still weren't happy?  Or … have you worked on an image, liked the results, but felt it still needed more?   Or … maybe you worked on an image and didn’t know why the image wasn’t working?  Through this class Sherron Sheppard can help you with these questions by demonstrating with actual hands-on, layer-by-layer, Photoshop techniques that can improve your images.

Sherron's hands-on approach to analyzing images is centered on her own artistic approach to photography. She gives students honest suggestions on what is right about their images and uses actual Photoshop fixes to show what can make images better.

Sherron's success in photography is due in large part to her traditional art knowledge following the artist's rules of composition and design. She uses her art background and knowledge of those compositional guidelines in her critiques. Sherron’s suggestions and hands-on fixes are designed to add impact and to elevate images to new artistic levels.  Please join us August 31st and September 7th for two information packed Zoom sessions. View complete details of class.

Class includes:

  • Two live Zoom sessions. Sessions are recorded for those unable to attend and for later review. The Zoom sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, August 31st and Wednesday, September 7th, both at 7:00 PM ET/4:00 PM PT.
  • 11 Pre-recorded videos for over 2 hours of Photoshop and Elements education.
  • Gentle critique of students' images during Zoom sessions with friendly advice for improvement. Images must be submitted no later than August 24th.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Additional Mentoring sessions will be available. Details at bottom of syllabus.
  • See class syllabus for full details of this class.
Please Note: The techniques demonstrated in class may be done in either Photoshop or Elements.  

All Materials will be available until December 31.
We will close to registrations on November 1.

Class cost:
Non-Members register for class: $89

EPNet General & Pro Members register for class: $79

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Private Mentoring:  Sign up for additional Private Mentoring on the class syllabus page.

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