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Gigi Embrechts
Featured Photographer
Photo by Gigi Embrechts

Gigi Embrechts splits her time between Belgium and Colorado photographing and writing about the old world draft breeds as well as capturing rural lifestyle portraits of people who share this same interest. Gigi loves to share her passion for the horse and rural lifestyles through her images creating fine art prints and writing of her experiences in her blog and other publications. She hosts small photography tours and workshops for fellow photographers in Belgium, Colorado and Montana sharing the unique and treasured landscapes she has discovered and cherishes.

Gigi feels her successes have come from her understanding of the two strong passions in her life: the horse and photography, both of which she has dedicated as her life's work. You can view her work and scheduled tours on her website www.gigiembrechts.com.

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Adobe Lightroom Webinar Course with Kimberly Beer
Free Intro webinars March 31st and April 20th
Class sessions April 19th, May 5th and 25th.

Photo by Carien SchippersLightroom is one of the most powerful tools available to photographers. With Lightroom, you can create better images, faster and with less stress. If you're a pro, this means a better finished product with time for more clients. If you're a hobbyist, it means more time to shoot and more creative outlets for your artistic vision.

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2015 Colorado Cowboys and Great American Horse Drive
Photo Workshop: April 26th - 30th, 2015
Horse Drive: May 1st - May 3rd, 2015
Craig, Colorado

Photo by Carien SchippersImagine a place where the wild west still lives . . . hundreds of horses running with power and freedom, beautiful light and dust, real working cowboys and cowgirls, big open spaces and wood corrals. Beautiful open blue skies and long days to live it and photograph it . . . if this sounds like heaven to you then join us in a special part of western America where the real west is still alive and EPNet members have special access to document it with our cameras and share it with a group of like minded photographers and horse lovers. There is no other place or event like it on earth!

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Powderhorn Ranch Women's Retreat
August 19th - 24th, 2015
Douglas, Wyoming

Photo by Carien SchippersLadies: Join us for five nights at the beautiful Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming as we enjoy the hospitality and horsemanship of the wonderful True family. This is a truly special place where you can leave the world behind for a little while and enjoy the essence of the western landscape and lifestyle.

Shoots will include herd drives, working cattle, cowgirl and cowboy portraits, dramatic landscape scenes, magical barn light, headshots, action and so much more!

Powderhorn Ranch Women's Retreat.

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