Mission and Code of Ethics

Equine Photographers Network Mission and Code of Ethics

Our mission is to encourage professional integrity and career development through education, communication and mutual support, while promoting our members in numerous markets.

We strive toward fulfilling our mission through ongoing efforts in the following areas:

Expecting high standards of professional conduct in business practices within the EPNet membership by:

  • Using written contracts and appropriate paperwork in all business transactions
  • Using appropriate and accurate terms, descriptions and claims in advertising, contracts, estimates and invoices and other business paperwork
  • Honoring the services and products as described and agreed upon in writing with clients
  • Maintaining a high quality of service and a reputation for honesty, fairness and reliability
  • Maintaining an attitude of cooperation with fellow professional photographers, event management and officials, agencies and clients
  • Presenting a professional demeanor and appearance
  • Never misrepresenting one's qualifications and achievements
  • Refraining from deleterious and derogatory remarks about colleagues
  • Generating fair competition based on professional qualifications and merit
  • Considering the important factors of pricing products and services: all costs of doing business and prevailing market rates
  • Agreeing to abide by and observe laws pertaining to doing business in the photographic industry

Providing guidance on relevant equine photography business topics including:

  • Self-promotion and marketing
  • Products, services, and colleagues outside the equine industry
  • Photographic and Equine Events
  • Licensing images
  • Understanding copyright law
  • Updates on business trends such as technology, imaging and copyright issues
  • Continuing education: seminars, workshops, suggested reading
  • Market trends and image markets

Supporting on-line targeted discussion groups to facilitate sharing of knowledge by peers and by offering Members Only resources including:

  • Technique, technology and recommendations for both film and digital photography equipment
  • Current information and opinions on the vast array of hardware, software and other equipment used in today's business office environment
  • Ideas for solutions to business problems related to such things as contracts, negotiating, problem resolution
  • Informal Portfolio/Image Review by peers
  • Creative Inspiration through the sharing of work
  • Trade and business articles - i.e. industry White Papers
  • Resource for photographer and image needs
  • Continuing education opportunities organized by EPNet including Retreats, Seminars and Workshops
  • Formal Portfolio Reviews