Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio Reviews

EPNet offers private portfolio reviews and critiques with a reviewer of your choice. This is a great opportunity to get valuable constructive feedback from an established, seasoned professional equine photographer of your choice.

Any photographer, regardless of their skill level can gain useful knowledge from a personal and objective evaluation of their work with unprecedented access to noted and respected equine photographers in the industry.

How do they work?

  • Buy the portfolio review session with the reviewer of your choice.
  • You will be put in touch with your reviewer and you will be asked to submit your 10 image portfolio for review within 2 weeks. Photos may be submitted online via a gallery link or emailed as jpegs.
  • Your reviewer will review your portfolio within two weeks of submission of images
  • Your reviewer will send you a written critique of your images
  • You have the option of a phone consultation with your reviewer at an agreed upon time at your expense up to 30 minutes.
  • You may submit up to four more images within one week for a final review.


Terri Cage:
Terri Cage is based in a small town in North Texas, very close to the heart of horse country. Being a lifelong horse lover and owner, Terri started her photography emphasis with horses and people with her horses. Terri added senior portraits to her collections after several customers asked if she would photograph their senior portraits with their horse. Terri enjoyed photographing seniors and a new niche within her photography business was started. Terri has a degree in fashion and design, which helps in choosing the best fashion and colors that complement each model. Her knowledge of horses helps in understanding the best angles and the correct timing to make a horse look its best. Equine photography takes a great deal of patience and it is something she has plenty of.

Terri has spent countless hours studying the behaviour, movement, and conformation of horses. She takes pride in making her clients and horses look their best. Terri also keeps a large collection of equine stock images and has been published in numerous publications. Terri loves to share her experience and hosts several classes, workshops and styled shoots throughout the year.

Visit Terri Cage's web site to learn more and see her work.
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Scott Trees:
For 40 years Trees has been in the top echelons of his field with an international client base. His reputation is for a dramatic use of light in creating exceptional, artistic, emotional photographs with a strong eye for composition. His photographs have been in numerous publications and the collections of private collectors of fine art images.

Scott reviews all photographs from the stand point of “How could this be better.” Having photographed a variety of breeds and disciplines within those breeds, Scott brings to the portfolio review process a great depth of knowledge and experience and a willingness to share it. This can be extremely beneficial to anyone trying to learn how to improve their images with a review from this respected photographed.

Amateur or pro, anyone can benefit from an objective, experienced opinion, given with the educational intent of improving their photography. Finding someone that will offer such a critique with the purpose of helping you improve is not always that easy! They either a) tell you what they think you want to hear, and or b) rip it apart and offer no solutions regarding how to make it better.

Scott Trees’ approach is centered on trying to help his students improve and learn. “In my workshops I find portfolio critiques to be a popular and educational element. I attempt to offer an informative, constructive critique by sharing 40 years of international photographic experience. My goal? To offer suggestions and guidelines that help the recipient compose a more powerful, improved image."

Visit Scott Tree's web site to learn more and see his work.
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Betty Cooper:
Betty Cooper's competitive experience includes Draft Breeds, Hackneys, Driving Disciplines, Saddle Seat, Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage and Eventing. Working professionally as a photographer she has prepared images for competition, personal decor, portraits, publications and stock.

Thirty years in education help Betty to analyze and make recommendations on what is going to best represent the individual to their potential market. An active professional member of EPNet, Professional Photographers of Ontario and Canada, and WPPI helps to keep her current in trends, technique and cutting edge styles.

Visit Betty Cooper's web site to learn more and see her work.
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Sherron Sheppard:
Sherron began her photographic career photographing weddings. Over 15 years ago Sherron transitioned into fine art photography and started presenting programs and workshops to amateur and professional photographers. She teaches Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter classes at the California Professional Photographers West Coast School, EPNet, and conducts private workshops.Sherron is a Master Photographer, a Master of Electronic Imaging and a Certified Photographic Craftsman. Sherron has been awarded California's Professional Photographers "Photographer of the Year" 5 times, has received Canon's Par Excellence Award and has had two prints which have scored a perfect 100 in print competitions. Sherron has earned numerous Fuji Masterpiece awards, Kodak Gallery Awards, Judges Awards, and Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection prints.

Sherron's portfolio reviews are conducted from an "artist's point of view". Sherron judges numerous photography competitions and, in the process, critiques many images. Offering suggestions on student images is also a large part of her workshops. Sherron's approach to critiquing is centered on her own artistic approach to photography. She gives the makers honest suggestions on what is right about their images and also what will make their images better. In addition to her artistic vision, Sherron's success in photography is due in large part to her traditional art knowledge and following the artist's rules of composition and design. She uses her art background and considers those same compositional guide lines in her critiques and offers suggestions that are designed to add impact and to elevate the maker's images to new artistic levels.

Visit Sherron Sheppard's web site to learn more and see her work.
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