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  Professional Membership - Professional Equine Photographers Only
Professional Membership offers experienced working professional equine photographers* opportunities to network and market their services and products to commercial photo buyers, horse owners, event managers and the publishing industry. With a directory listing that includes a personal profile page with 4 photos and unlimited text, member portfolios (optional), access to photo needs listings, business resources and a professional "members only" discussion forum, professional membership increases your visibility and offers direct communication to your market. Add to this the opportunity to network with other professionals to problem solve and support each other on the myriad of issues facing today's working professional.

Benefits of Professional Membership

  • DIRECTORY LISTING - Professional Members are listed in the EPNet Directory with full contact information including a link to your website and EPNet Personal Profile Page. The directory features a search option so that visitors may find a specific photographer or locate a photographer in a certain region or offering certain services.
  • PERSONAL PROFILE PAGE - Each Professional Membership includes a personal profile page in the Equine Photographers directory to display your bio along with four representative photos of your work. Update your profile page information, text and photos as often as you like with our site manager tools. Click here to see what a profile page looks like.
  • PORTFOLIO OPTION - Professional Members can choose to expand their presence with a member portfolio. Portfolios are available in 45, 60 and 75 image sizes. The portfolios are keyword searchable. Members are invited to test drive a 15 photo portfolio page for two weeks for free.
  • MEMBERS ONLY SITE - Professional Members have access to the Members Only site where they may find the latest news and photo needs, assistants list, discounted books at the bookstore, forms and contract templates, articles and more.
  • JOBS - Inquiries from all over the world from people searching for specific photographers as well as photos are sent to the EPNet via the on-line submission forms. These photo needs are posted to a members only site on a regular basis. Members may also opt to receive the photo needs directly into their inboxes as soon as they are generated. Click here for a small sampling of representative photo needs that professional members receive.
  • EPNet on FACEBOOK - EPNet has a strong presence on Facebook. We maintain a very active EPNet Facebook Business page where we share images from member's Facebook business pages on a daily basis. We maintain a list of member's business pages that Facebook users may subscribe to. EPNet also has a member's only discussion group on Facebook.
  • NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTIONS - Professional Members are invited to participate by contributing to the Network newsletter subscribed to by almost 4000 readers including many members of our target market, magazine publishers and photo buyers..
  • FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER - Professional Members may apply to be EPNet Featured Photographer. This includes a photo and text on the entry page of the site that links directly to your profile. This feature lasts for one month and provides maximum exposure and increased traffic.
  • PHOTO OF THE WEEK MAILING - Professional Members are invited to submit their best photos for consideration for the Photo of the Week mailing. This mailing provides a link to their profile page and is also featured in the public area of the forum for discussion.
  • IMAGE SHOWCASES - Professional Members are invited to participate in bi weekly themed Image Showcases that are posted to the public area of the forum for visitors to enjoy.
  • PRO MEMBERS ONLY FORUM - Professional Members are encouraged to participate in our Pro Members Only forum to discuss business practices, technical, aesthetic and inspirational topics with fellow professional equine photographers. The Members Only Forum includes places to easily share work, problem solve, support, inspire and form alliances with other like-minded professionals. Members report that the availability and quality of our Pro Members Only Forum alone is well worth their membership fee based on the fruits of networking.
  • EVENTS - Professional Members may participate in EPNet events such as Retreats, Workshops, on line Courses, Trade Fairs and other activities.
  • GIVING BACK TO HORSES - Members are encouraged to add their name and information to our Photographers for rescue list and to participate in our annual Horses in Need Project to help rescue organizations and keep the public aware of equine welfare issues.
  • EPNet GIFT SHOP - Members are invited to list their merchandise in the virtual EPNet Gift Shop which we promote heavily during the holidays.
  • DEALS - Members may take advantage of ongoing and special offers and discounts from our sponsors.
  • TRAFFIC - The EPNet is rated highly in the search engines and receives excellent, high quality traffic, and is listed on most of the major horse related websites. The EPNet site is receiving over 10,000 unique visitors a month.
  • AHP - We are affiliated with American Horse Publications and able to work closely with the horse publishing industry.

*Note: The EPNet reserves the right to terminate or deny membership for any reason. You must be able to provide proof of doing business for a minimum of two years when you apply for professional membership or if required at a later date after acceptance of membership. If you are not an experienced working equine photographer, please consider General Membership.

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What Our Members Say

"I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I've been very impressed with what this membership has brought my business. The Printroom connection alone was enough to justify the membership fee. However, beyond that I have booked several new customers and a new show or two so far. I have also made several very good stock photo contacts. In addition, I feel I have gained industry respect and am now comfortable that I have a whole network of people to rely on in case I should experience a problem or have a question regarding technical or business matters. That helps me sleep a little sounder (and as we all know, sound sleep is worth quite a lot to a small business owner.)

If someone out there is on the fence about joining EPNET as a professional member, I would have this advice for them ... "Do it." This group is about far more than online discussion forums and showing off your work to your peers. It is about forming network alliances and gaining industry attention for quality equine photographers. It is about forming better business practices. It is about helping small business managers get more by pooling resources. The bottom line is that EPNET is forming a solid foundation toward becoming a guiding force working for equine photographers as a whole. "

Thank everyone involved for the great job you guys do with the
website, and especially with the "Find Image Requests." Thanks to EPNet, I made an image sale for national distribution, for a sales circular plus instore signage to appear in May.
Thanks also for the "white papers" and other Forum resources where I found
advice and links to help me figure license pricing, usage terms, etc. for the image.
Keep up your good work!!