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Equine Photographers Network

2012 Horses in Need Documentary Project

Since 2009, members of Equine Photographers Network have donated their time and applied their skills to aid equine welfare world wide. The Horses in Need Documentary Project is an annual Equine Photographers Network project. All photographers are invited to participate.

The photographers that submitted documentaries found it was much more than just another photo assignment. The quest of most photographers is to capture beauty in their images. Typically equine beauty is portrayed in color, conditioning, tone, strength, movement, and in their connection with humans. In this assignment, that beauty was not always visible upon the first glance. They found beauty in places most people would avoid looking. They found beauty in places where it was difficult to find hope. The circumstances that brought each horse to a point of needing rescue varied. Whether it was hardship of their humans, neglect, abuse, greed or in some cases human mental illness, each animal had a story. These are stories born of sorrow, however many of these horses now have hope due to kind intervention.

The photographers that participated in this project help raise awareness of suffering and neglect. Their work helps in the adoption effort and in some instances they even adopted animals. They have made friends through the journey, both equine and human. Further, many photographers have committed to continue their efforts to give back.

In an effort to include as many stories as possible regarding Horses in Need around the world EPNet has opened this project to all photographers. To participate in the 2013 Horses in Need Project you do not need to be an EPNet member. Plan to join us and submit your story by January 1, 2014.

Photo by Karen Bayerl

The Eleventh Hour: a herd on the brink
by Meghan Balogh

This is a compelling story of one woman's continued struggle to preserve a small herd of Abaco Colonial horses located in the Bahamas. Mim has dedicated the last twenty years of her life to save and perpetuate the four remaining Abaco Colonial horses. She is called upon daily to utilize her skills as an activist, carpenter, sailor, writer, artist, fence-builder, horsewoman, photographer, fire-fighter, and tour guide.

The Fight to Save Wyoming's Wild Horses of the Red Desert Continues
by Carol Walker

Carol Walker reveals the latest developments to save four of the largest herds of wild horses in the country and what we can do to help the wild horses from being completely zeroed out or sterilized.

$70,000 to $100
by Laurie Taylor

The rescue of Norco, a talented horse with career earnings of $70,000, was possible due to the efforts of the Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue and supporters who donated the necessary funds to allow volunteers to purchase and remove him from the threat of out of state slaughter.

Flag's Sentinels
by A'Lissa DeVorss

A'Lissa discussed how the Rescue Trainer's Challenge is hugely rewarding and changes the misconception that rescue horses are crazy, non-trainable, washed up horses without a future.

The Sheldon Wildlife Refuge: Wild Horses and Burros in Need
by Stacy Snow

Stacy shares information and photos to raise awareness on the plight of wild horses and burros and helping the find good caring adoptive homes.

Colorado's unwanted horses … part of the story
by Patricia Jarvis

This story focuses on how the Horse Protection League reaches out to the community. Scout troops, school children and other organizations help to bring these unwanted horses back to good health and have them adopted into loving homes where both the horse and the adopters will thrive.

Little Lilly to the Rescue – Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation
by Karen Bayerl

A heart-warming story about how the Midwest Horse Foundation helped little Lilly the mini mare, who had been completely neglected. The initial report was that Lilly was not easy to handle, rather wild, a world class kicker and biter. Her feet had not been trimmed in ages to the point they were curling over making it difficult to simply walk. Now with the help of the Midwest Horse Foundation Lilly's journey continues with a little twist.

A Brite Future
by Denise Houpt

Brite Decision, a 21 year old retired racehorse, is the namesake for Bright Futures Farm. He is a very important part of the day to day operation of the rescue farm as he welcomes the new horses and with his kind gentle soul claims responsibility for them while in his pasture. Bright Futures Farm for the past 12 years has provided hope and help to dozens of rescue horses but now may be in jeopardy with a new location in need.

The Wild Horse Problem
by Carien Schippers, Catskills, New York

A well-written article describing the current state of wild horses in Nevada with a thoughtful heartfelt "call to action". A must read.

by Janice Fischer

An emotional account of Janice Fischher's experience along with her photographs that illustrates why we extend our hearts and prayers to those horses in need.

Long Shot
by Nancy Reilly

This is a story about the rescue and rehabilitation of a cremello Mustang colt named Long Shot. Saved from a slaughter pen, Long Shot arrived in truly abysmal condition. Photographed by Nancy Reilly, she follows him from the time he arrived at Knick O'Time Horse Rescue until his adoption by a therapeutic riding facility.

Equine Initiative: Helping the Working Equine Around the World
by Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy shares her photographs and life changing experiences on her trip to central Mexico and South America for an equine humanitarian effort. This is a story about empowering people to take action and care for working equines on a world scale. People can and do make a difference.

Chestnut Beast
by Lana, Moscow, Russia

In Lana's own words, "I would like to tell you the story of a horse that appeared in my life as the fate willed and, as it turned out later, our fates crossed for a long time …"

Rescues of Rancho Laguna's Heart
by Michelle Twohig

At 14, Tina Laguna began rescuing and rehabilitating horses and donkeys into a new, well-loved life as therapy animals, offering children and adults the benefits that being with horses brings to human emotional and physical well-being.

Homes for Horses Coalition

Founded in 2007 and supported by the Animal Welfare Institute, the ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States, the Homes for Horses Coalition is a group of professionals who work to provide care and homes to horses in need and advance the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement facilities. It is composed of more than 240 member organizations and is dedicated to ending horse slaughter and other forms of equine abuse, while promoting growth, collaboration and professionalism in the equine rescue and protection community.

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