Continued from the April EPNet Newsletter…

Congratulations to Suzy Lucine for being presented with the Mabel Owen Media Award

On December 18th, 2013 the American Morgan Horse Association Awards Committee announced the individuals who will be recognized at the annual convention, February 20th - 22nd in Raleigh, NC.

Among the award winners will be Suzy Lucine, former editor of The Morgan Horse magazine and the Horsemens Yankee Pedlar, co-producer of The Morgan Horse Video Review, and freelance writer and photographer. Suzy will be the first recipient of the Mabel Owen Media Award.

Established in August of 2013, the Mabel Owen Media Award recognizes a person or group in the media with a documented body of work that has contributed above and beyond in providing content, adding to the public's ability to learn about, enjoy, and record for posterity activities involving Morgans on a daily basis.

Mabel Owen was one of the first chroniclers of the breed, so it is fitting that Suzy Lucine is this award's first recipient. For decades, Suzy Lucine has been at the forefront of promoting the breed through various equine and non-equine publications alike, be it in on the international, national, and even local level. Suzy's love and promotion for the Morgan go back to her childhood; she was born a Morgan ambassador!

Whether she is sharing historical and fun photographs or highlighting the achievements of others in print or online, Suzy always promotes the breed and its people with pride and admiration. She brings her readers to the heart and soul of the breed: the relationship between the horses and the people who love them. We are pleased tonight to honor Suzy for her contributions, for allowing the public to learn and enjoy the breed, and for recording for posterity activities involving the Morgan on a daily basis.