Continued from the April EPNet Newsletter…

Saved: The Dry Creek Quartet Foals
by Kim Michels

On Monday March 24, 2014, I received a call from Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation, asking for my help. She received an anonymous tip that a group of 41 free-roaming horses had been removed in a helicopter roundup by the Wyoming BLM (Bureau of Land Management). The horses were zeroed out of a small piece of public land called the Dry Creek Range, near Lovell, WY.

The roundup took place, at the taxpayers' expense, on March 18th - 19th, 2014. By law the BLM is required to give adequate public notice regarding any removal of free-roaming horses, as well as allowing the public an opportunity to buy the horses; neither happened in the case of the Dry Creek horses. The state of Wyoming sold the horses directly to Bouvry Exports, the largest horse slaughterhouse in Canada.

Stacy Newby, co-owner of the Worland Livestock Auction, rescued four Dry Creek foals that were headed for slaughter. The foals range in age from three to eight weeks old. "I was adamant that these little foals be given a chance at life," Newby told me over the phone. When I asked Newby why the mares of the foals weren't pulled from the truck too, she said, "It was completely out of my hands. The state of Wyoming wouldn't let me hold their moms back too."

Ginger Kathrens contacted Bouvry Exports and offered to buy the 39 adult Dry Creek horses for more money than they paid for them, but was denied. "I was told that the horses were bought for slaughter and that's exactly where they are going," Kathrens said. On March 21, 2014, I drove to Worland, WY and purchased the four foals from Stacy Newby; now dubbed as the "Dry Creek Quartet." It's important to know that saving these foals was a group effort. The foals would have gone to slaughter had it not been for two important things to happen: an anonymous tip given to The Cloud Foundation and Stacy Newby of the Worland Livestock Auction stepping up for the foals.

On Monday March 31st, 2014, I met Ginger Kathrens and Ann Evans at the Worland Livestock Auction. They transported the Dry Creek Quartet to Dr. Lisa Jacobson DVM, a Colorado equine veterinarian who specializes in nutrition and rehabilitation. I am so grateful Dr. Jacobson is giving the foals round-the-clock care.

If you would like to help the Dry Creek Quartet, donations are being accepted through the Cloud Foundation's web site.