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2012 Spring Workshop Newsletter

The Business of Equine Photography
with Scott Trees

Online course starts February 14, 2012

Today's Photography Marketplace has grown more and more competitive. The biggest reason that most people fail in their professional efforts is because they underestimate the requirements and costs of doing their photography as a business as opposed to a hobby. Yes you can take great pictures, but can you actually run a business? Pretty photographs won't keep food on the table unless you price your work to make a true profit, have excellent customer service and understand the importance of marketing to mention just a few of the key elements in a successful business. Join Scott Trees for this online course starting soon. Read more.

Gabriele Boiselle Workshops
Wellington, Florida
March 13-16, 2012, March 17-20, 2012

This workshop specifically invites photographers who want an intense learning workshop focused on technique. Gabriele's mission in her photographic work is to capture the soul and essence of the horse and she will share her passion and knowledge with the workshop participants while focusing on the technical basics of creating successful equine photography. You will be energized and motivated to make new and better photos after this workshop. Read more.

EPNET Colorado Cowboys and Great American Horse Drive Photo Workshop
Craig, Colorado
April 27 – May 6, 2012

Scott Trees and Carien Schippers will lead this popular workshop photographing working cowboys at the Sombrero Ranch for two full days followed by a day of photo and portfolio reviews and guest speakers. Nikon will be attending with gear for participants to try during the workshop and horse drive!

The workshop session will be followed by an extra special photo event. EPNet Members have been invited to photograph the annual Great American Horse Drive hosted by Sombrero Ranch. Photographers will have the chance to shoot this spectacular three day event and have once in a lifetime photo opportunities as over 800 horses are rounded up and driven 60 miles to the home ranch over two days.

Complete overview of events.

Maximizing the Hidden Potential in Your Images Photoshop instruction with Sherron Sheppard
Craig, Colorado
May 2 & 3, 2012

Five-time California Photographer of the Year (PPC) Sherron Sheppard will be presenting two intensive Photoshop classroom sessions in Craig, Colorado. The classes will concentrate on building Photoshop skills to enhance your artistic vision and may be attended by anyone interested in working directly with this well known Photoshop artist and teacher. Complete information.

Capture The Light - Bluegrass Equestrian Workshop
Lexington, Kentucky,
May 3-5, 2012

We will be sharing our "Tricks of the Trade" with those who wish to take their equine photography to the next level, for either personal enjoyment or professional advancement. And... we will be visiting some great locations in the Heart of Horse Country! Like Old Friends, Keeneland, a dressage arena and a stallion farm.

Our focus is Equestrian Conformation & Portraiture, Dressage Movements, Horse & Rider and Dramatic Lighting, along with Workouts at the Race Track. Each afternoon we gather in a classroom setting to go through our workflow, from editing the raw captures to website presentation. This will not be super technical, but more like we are out on a shoot together with us giving you lots of tips. Some of the topics we will discuss are outlined in our blog.

More info.

Camargue, France Photographic Workshop Tour
May 10-16, 2012

We have planned 8 shoots in all: 2 sunrise and 2 sunset shoots of horses running … 3 through water and the marshes, and the 4th through dust, which we have added. We will also do portraits of horses and their foals, and another stunning shoot of stallions battling in the marshes. One evening will be spent photographing the sunset with flamingo silhouettes… and also added, a morning shooting the medieval city of Aigues Mortes, a walled-city with moats, cobblestone streets, and ancient architecture. We can also arrange a horseback ride through the marshes on these beautiful Camargue horses at a traditional estancia! Read more.

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Workshop
Lovell, Wyoming & Montana
June 27-30, 2012

The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses, known for their beautiful Spanish characteristics and colors, offer a unique opportunity to intimately observe and photograph wild horse behavior and social dynamics. Because these horses are habituated to humans, wonderful close-up and action shots are available. June is the ideal time to capture the colorful dynamics of this herd as new foals are being born and stallions vie for mares. From the red rock, high desert landscape of Wyoming to the semi-alpine slopes of Montana, there are beautiful views and photographs to be had along the way. Other species of wildlife that call these areas home are bighorn sheep, deer mountain lions, and bears, to name a few. The magnificent Pryor horses and breathtaking landscape make for an unforgettable workshop experience. Join Lynne in her sixth season leading wild horse photography workshops in which she shares her intimate knowledge of wild horses and how to best approach and photograph them. More information.

Sierra High Country Cowboy Photography Workshop
High Sierrras, California
July 21, 2012

In the western way of life and in the heritage of ranching, traditions and love of the land are held in high regard. The legacy of cattle ranching, and cowboying run deep in the Erickson Family, and have been our family's way of life since the late 1800's. Since that time our cattle have roamed the summer range of the high Sierra's near Yosemite National Park. Now we are giving you the opportunity to capture spectacular images of our ranching lifestyle in this uniquely beautiful location. Join the Erickson Cattle Company along with professional photographer Rebecca Harvey for an unprecedented opportunity to get up close to working cowboys and cowgirls as they drive horses through lush mountain meadows and work cattle in rustic wooden corrals. Read more.

Big Timber Photo Adventure with Nat Coalson and Gigi Embrechts
Melville, Montana
July 22-28, 2012

Join us for a week of outdoor photography, western culture and high adventure in the magnificent scenery of Sweet Grass County, Montana. From the peace and solitude of nature to the excitement of an authentic, working cattle ranch, you'll find unlimited opportunities for photography. You'll be able to photograph extensively with beautiful horses, genuine cowboys and all the trappings of a working ranch. This private tour is based at the beautiful WD Ranch in Melville, MT. During your stay, you'll enjoy comfortable, spacious accommodation, and ranch-cooked meals. Photo instruction is led by Nat Coalson, professional photographer and author, with Gigi Embrechts, equine photographer and expert in ranch life. Non-photographers are welcome, too . . . there's lots to do! Space is extremely limited. More details.

The Wild Horses of the Carolina Coast Photo Workshops
May and June, 2012

This is truly a one of a kind opportunity to photograph wild horses like you have never seen them before. Prior to the horses return to the arid West, they were swimming ashore onto the barrier islands of the East Coast. Today, only a few small populations of these island horses still remain in the wild and Jared Lloyd is the only person offering photography workshops and safaris to these remote islands. These are a breed of horses shaped by wind and water, tides and storms, hurricanes and the very worst of Poseidon's wrath. Thought to be the oldest known population of wild horses in the United States, the horses that eek out a living along the desolate wind swept barrier islands of North Carolina's fabled coast offer photographers a chance to see and photograph equines in a backdrop unlike anywhere else in the US.
Read more.

New Mexico Wild Horse Photography Workshops with Lynne Pomeranz

Learn how to approach wild horses and anticipate behaviour to capture captivating photos. Sage dotted mesas under the famous New Mexico sky make a dramatic backdrop for these pretty little bands of pintos, greys, blacks, bays, duns, roans, and more. This is an excellent opportunity to closely observe and photograph the intimate interaction of family bands. Experience all the beauty, serenity, exuberance, and nobility of the last remaining symbols of the American West. Photo instruction in the field, as needed, and image review during lunch breaks. Groups are purposefully kept small to ensure an intimate experience with personal attention. Check the website for a full schedule of upcoming workshops. Join us for a memorable photo journey trailing the spirited stallions and their harems of mares and youngsters in the wild, and the colourful herd of mustangs at Monero Mustangs. Further information.

The West, Redefined… with Bobbie Goodrich & Susan Burns

Join acclaimed photographers Goodrich & Burns as they take you to unique photo destinations around the world… or attend their post-production bootcamps in their beautiful "Out of Santa Fe" studios in Santa Fe, NM. The 2012 lineup includes their signature workshop at the iconic Zapata Ranch in San Luis Valley, "The Great Photo Wanders of Africa: Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia" is also in November! Also, please check the 2012 studio workshop schedule for a topic that might interest you… Goodrich, a Nik Software Team Member, shares all her tips and techniques for creating imagery that transcends the ordinary.. using filters, textures and secret "recipes" of her own in our intensive 4-day workshops, which include photo shoots in and around Santa Fe, and delicious, organic meals served with wine and creative camaraderie! Read more.

Premier African Photography Safaris
Namibia 2012

Join the guides of Wild Safari Africa on the ultimate photographic experience in Namibia. Staying in the premier wildlife destinations of this enchanting desert nation our 2012 tours offer wildlife viewing and landscapes to satisfy any photographer. We will be able to enter exclusive gates, participate in night game drives and game walks, which will increase our chances of capturing incredible images.

Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate the protection of the environment into its constitution, giving life to thousands of species and providing great photographic opportunities for tour participants. Our photo safari provides you with an opportunity to experience and photograph Africa's predators, the iconic elephant, giraffe, abundant plains game and incredible diversity of bird species. We have carefully selected these camps to maximize our time and photographic opportunities.

To receive a US$250 discount per person be sure to use promo code: EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHERS NETWORK in your email inquiry. More information.


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