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April, 2011 Wild Horse Edition
Many of our members have spent countless hours seeking and photographing the wild horse of the American West, as well as advocating for them as the BLM roundups continue. Currently there are between 36,000 and 41,000 horses in BLM holding facilities awaiting adoption, with only an estimated 20,000 still running free. By using our cameras to document the plight of this American icon we hope to raise awareness before these populations are lost forever.

America's Wild Horses
From Pam Nickoles

Our American icon, the wild horse, is quickly losing its home to make room for livestock grazing and other special interests risking not only our wild herds, but the pristine rangelands on which they live. Read more . . .

Watch "Don't Take My Home" video on YouTube.

Yakama Wild Reservation Horses
From Samantha Milbredt

Photo by Samantha Milbredt I am an English rider out in the middle of ranch/cowboy land. As I have embraced the Western culture I have been challenged by access in taking photos of the Yakama wild reservation horses. I have begged, pleaded and bribed people to take me onto the reservation to take photos of the wild horses. Most of the people I know who know that part of the country are ranchers and do not have the luxury of time to leave for day excursions. After many unsuccessful attempts, following some advice, I trekked out on my own and found this small herd of wild horses on the Sadus part of the reservation. Read more . . .

Pueblo of San Felipe Wild Horses
From Lynne Pomeranz

Not all wild horses on public lands are "protected" by the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The Placitas wild horses, although documented by Placitas residents as having roamed on BLM land at the time the Act was passed, were never granted "protection". Forty years later they still make their home on both BLM and adjacent private lands. Yet, the BLM considers them feral, escaped reservation horses from the neighboring Pueblo of San Felipe, so refuses to recognize them as legally "wild horses. The horses are treasured by many residents in the area who consider them an integral part of the beauty and character of Placitas. However, the fate of these horses is in question. Read more . . .

Still Wild Horses
From Chris Reed

I have been photographing the Pryor Mountain wild horses for the past two years as part of the workshops led by Lynne Pomeranz. I have exhibited my images at the Omaha Healing Arts Center each summer under the title "Still Wild Horses" in order to convey two ideas. The first is that while action shots can capture the sense of freedom symbolized by wild horses, images captured while they are still and quiet can often lead the viewer directly to the eye - - the window in to the soul. The second sense of being still wild is the play on words: these horses remain wild even though thousands have been removed by the Bureau of Land Management from range lands across ten western states. Read more . . .

Wild Horses in Winds of Change
From Susan Williams

Wild Horses in Winds of Change is an award winning documentary by filmmaker Mara Legrand of Skydancer Productions, Durango, Colorado. It received Best Nature film at the Cinema Verde film festival and also an endorsement from Tony Stromberg. Read more . . .

The Stallion and the Foal:
From Pam Nickoles

While photographing in the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Management Area in April 2008, we came upon one of the most unusual and dramatic situations I've seen since I began documenting the wild horses. My husband and I were told that there was an abandoned foal in the company of a bachelor stallion known as "Chaco." Read more . . .

Black Rock Desert Wild Horses
From Lisa Dearing

Photo by Lisa DearingI live in a small town in the Sierra Mountains of northern California and became acquainted with several large bands of wild horses that live in nearby Nevada a few years ago. These horses roam the hills of the Black Rock desert and areas near Reno, about an hour from where I live. I began to photograph wild horses quite often, spending days at a time driving rutted out dirt roads in a four wheel drive truck looking for bands. Wild horses are amazing creatures, and can occupy the most desolate and inhospitable places on earth. More wild horses live in Nevada than anywhere in the entire west, but the landscape is dry and sparse. It's amazing to me that these horses thrive so well in such dry and hostile places. Read more . . .

Photographing Free Roaming Horses
From Steve Simmons

For years I admired and revered many of the wild horse photos I'd seen in books, magazines, and art galleries. Stallions locked in combat, herds running at full gallop across the landscape, etc. You all probably know the types of images I am thinking about. I knew that someday I would want to do the same types of photographs, it was only a matter of time. Read more . . .

Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve
From Lynne Pomeranz

With over 41,000 horses in government holding facilities, two things are obvious. The BLM is on a mission to remove as many wild horses as their budget will allow and their adoption program is miserably failing. Negotiation attempts by private individuals to adopt and provide sanctuary for large quantities of horses have, so far, been unsuccessful. Still, there are many smaller sanctuaries that are actively giving horses a second chance at a better life than at the holding facilities.
Read more . . .

One Brave Stallion
From Jess Lee

They had been run a very long time trying to avoid capture. The horses had been moved along toward the trap while trying to avoid the terrifying noise of the chopper blades echoing against the canyon walls.

Photo by Jess LeeTired and scared the small band of 8 mustangs made one last break for freedom, unbelievably climbing the cliff walls to avoid capture. On the last rise, the last horse in the group failed to make the final obstacle (seen just below the choppers tail, remember we were roughly a mile away) Falling back, standing spread legged and shaken as the chopper hovered nearby, she could no longer go on as the rest of the band disappeared over the ridge.

Then with an act of bravery seldom seen, the black stallion returned to stand over his weakened family member. Turning in defiance to the mechanical beast closing on him the leader of this band held his ground.
Read more . . .

Photo by Kim MichelsBlack Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
From Kim Michels

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary feeds hay to 300+ horses not matter how biting the weather is. Here's a look at feeding in a blizzard. Read more . . .


Adobe Town Horses
From Carol Walker

Photo by Carol WalkerIn Wyoming last October, as I photographed the brave fight an older gray stallion put up to save his family from the helicopter and the trap, I had no way of knowing that there would be a way for him to be free again. I watched him valiantly struggle to keep his family from the trap for over a half hour, and finally the relentless helicopter pushed his family in in a great cloud of dust. But he was not there! He had escaped – but only for a short time – two wranglers went after him and roped him and dragged him into the trap. The proud old battle -scarred warrior hung his head down with fatigue. That was one of the saddest sights I had ever seen at a roundup. Read more . . .

Film: Wild Horses & Renegades
From Nancy Wilhelms

A new HD film captures brutality of government wild horse roundups. Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Viggo Mortensen, Raoul Trujillo, Daryl Hannah speak out against managed extinction of symbol of American West. Read more . . .

Information on director/wild horse activist James Anaquad Kleinert and the soon-to-be-released film, Wild Horses & Renegades.

Charged by a Mustang Stallion
From Barbara Wheeler

My husband, Marty, and I have been photographing wild horses since 2003. When I retired in the spring of 2008, we started spending more and more time out in the field. Currently, we are spending as much as four months a year with the wild ones, traveling all over the west; Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and this spring to Utah. Read more . . .

Truckee River Wild Horses
From Virginia Rivers

I photographed this group is along the Truckee River, just east of Reno, Nevada. There are about 200 horses spread out along about 15 miles of river with surrounding hills, grouped into small herds of about 10 to 20 animals each. I was pleased that my presence was accepted. Still, I worry about this small group that is so comfortable with man, who doesn't always treat wildlife with respect.
Read more . . .

Wild Horses
From Anne Martinez

The remaining wild horse herds face shrinking and depleted wild habitat. They are subject to harassment, fly over joy-killings, years of captivity and eventual slaughter. They live in terror and are perceived with unwarranted fear. This is, in part, due to the long-term misinformation campaign that portrays wild horses as unsuitable for domestication, damaging to the ecosystem, and outright dangerous. Read more . . .

Wild Mustangs in South Dakota
From David Bolin

This band of wild mustangs is living free at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota. These horses reside on eleven thousand acres of rangeland. This is a truly a great place to see Spanish Mustangs in a natural environment.

Photo by David Bolin

Read more . . .

Fat Horses and Roundups
From Jess Lee

Grass up to her knees, not a bone in sight and scheduled for roundup. Read more . . .

McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Sanctuary
From Susan Burns

A windy, stormy day at McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Sanctuary found a battle-scarred stallion holding off an interloping competitor for his band of mares. It was early summer and as we sat observing band behavior with our long-lens, the clouds broke up with deafening thunder and the battle began. Read more . . .

Wild Horses vs. Corporate Livestock
From Jess Lee

I can understand all of the frustration going on out there with those involved in the Wild Horse issues. The issues are deep and interwoven. Can we as citizens unravel the different desires between the relative small cattle rancher and the corporate livestock companies? Read more . . .

Last Words
From Victoria Boyd

Now before anyone gets their panties all in a wad . . . let me just say . . . I know we have to do something to help manage the mustang herds . . . I've written the BLM and given them my two cents worth. Read more . . .

Member News
Awards and Honors

True West Magazine awards David R. Stoecklein his fourth "Best living photographer of the West" Award
Stoecklein Photography is proud to announce Dave has won the People's Choice award for "Best living photographer of the West" from True West Magazine for the fourth year! Other years include 2007, 2008 and 2009. Every year Dave travels the U.S. to get stunning images at the great ranches of the West. Many talented photographers submit their work to True West Magazine every year making this award a huge honor and Stoecklein will continue to uphold the high quality and charm his work is known for.

Photo by Bev PettitArizona-based photographer Bev Pettit claimed top honors in the Cowboys and Indians Photo Contest with her "Looking Back," a starkly simple yet profoundly affecting black-and-white portrait of Suzie Yazzie, the legendary Navajo rug weaver known as the Grandmother of Monument Valley. The photo – prominently featured in the March issue – vividly reflects the empathetic spirit that influences Pettit's work.

Ann MacNeill was recently awarded the "Media Excellence Award for Outstanding Photography" at annual O'Brien Awards Gala in Toronto. The O'Brien Awards recognizes the Best in the sport of Harness Racing in Canada

Lisa Kemp's 2009 Horses In Need project photos about Chicago carriage horses and a mention of the EPNet Horses In Need project were published in the Hooved Animal Humane Society magazine, along with an article about the AHP award the news article series won. Lisa is a finalist in the first-ever Equestrian Social Media Awards, in the Best Use of Twitter category, and some of her images appear in the Awards video. She also was named to a list of Twitter's Top 75 Badass Women - the only horse person on the list.

Members Barb Young, Sarah Andrew and Judy Neill won Best of Show and People's Choice honors in the 2011 Equine Ideal Photo Contest. View complete results.

The work of Dave Porter and Andy Iles was featured in a "Dashing through the Snow" photo spread that appeared in the January issue of the Morgan Horse Magazine.

Jennifer Munson was featured on Equestrian Life. Watch the video.


Carol WalkerCarol Walker's Wild Hoofbeats website now has a bold, fresh new look and a wider reach. Walker has reshaped the site to focus on providing information and resources to people who share a passion for keeping America's wild horses wild and free. Now, is truly "Wild Horse Central."

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