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Composition: Beyond the Close Up

with Shelley Paulson starts Monday,
March 1st!

Equine Photographers Network
Spring, 2010 Workshop Newsletter

  Bobbie Goodrich Workshops
Winter at the Hideout, Flitner Ranch Photography Workshop

March 7 - March 13, 2010

Join acclaimed photographer/NIK software team member Bobbie Goodrich for another exciting photography workshop, including twoPhoto by Bobbie Goodrich full days of post production working from our raw capture. We will be photographing large herds of horses running through snowy canyonbackdrops at sunrise and sunset in the big horn mountains of Wyoming, a perfect setting for capturing the drama and spirit of the west.
Spirit of the Desert Creative Photography Workshop
April 8-11, 2010

Featuring post- production techniques with NIK software team member Bobbie Goodrich.

Join Bobbie Goodrich, Rose Erato and Richard Buchbinder for an inspirational weekend of pure photography! The emphasis is on enhancing your creative vision. Working from your raw capture, Bobbie will demo her innovative techniques for creating stunning imagery. You will leave the workshop with newly acquired skills and confidence necessary for taking your work to the next level.Two exciting locations are planned for photographing running horses, wranglers at work and beautiful desert landscape.

Photo by Lynne Pomeranz

with Lynne Pomeranz
2010 Spring/Summer Schedule

New Mexico One-Day Wild Horse Workshop
April 11, April 24, May 8, July 3, August 7, August 21
Wild Horses of Placitas and Monero Mustang Sanctuary

New Mexico Three-Day Wild Horse Workshop
May 21-23, June 4-6, July 16-18, August 13-15
Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory (Carson National Forest)
Monero Mustang Sanctuary

New Mexico Four-day Wild Horse Workshop
May 28-31, July 29, August 1, September 3-6
Wild Horses of Placitas
Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory (Carson National Forest)
Monero Mustang Sanctuary
Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Workshop
June 16-19, 2010
Lovell, Wyoming & Montana

David Stoecklein Photography Workshops
May 21 – May 24, 2010
July 30 – August 2, 2010
September 24 – September 27, 2010
Stoecklein Photography is now offering a new series of digital workshops led by Dave Stoecklein in and around the mountains and ranches of southern Idaho. Dave invites you to accompany him as he continues his exploration and documentation of the American West. He will share his knowledge and experience (and even some of his secrets!) with you as you visit his gallery and studio in Ketchum, Idaho, and then journey over the mountains to spend a couple of ○ David Stoeckleindays at the Bar Horseshoe Ranch in Mackay, Idaho.

You will find yourself right alongside Dave, shooting in the thick of the action at the ranch, marveling at a quiet sunset over the mountains, or tracking down some of the elusive wildlife in a gorgeous and remote landscape. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to experience the western way of life and hang out with Dave as he shoots photos of real working cowboys and cowgirls at nearby ranches and the stunning landscapes and raw nature surrounding the Big Lost and Smoky Mountains. Find out what inspires Dave and hear some side-splitting anecdotes about his time on the road.

The West Redefined
2010 photography workshop schedule

Join acclaimed fine art photographer/NIK team member Bobbie Goodrich and renowned equestrian photographer/videographer Susan Burns for an ultimate workshop experience. You will embrace a wide range of technical and creative expertise with their guidance in the field and post production allowing you to unleash your creative potential.
Sedona, Arizona                          ○ Bobbie Goodrich
May 17-21
July 1-7
August 19-20
September 17-23
November 12-17

April 28 – May 2, 2010
The Wild West’s cowboy image conjures up visions of wranglers in dusty jeans and jangling spurs, herding livestock through desert arroyos studded with magnificent saguaros. This amazing workshop is set at the White Stallion Ranch where the property spreads across 3,000 scenic acres of Sonoran Desert bordering Saguaro National ○ Charlotte WhitakerPark near Tucson, Arizona. In this relaxed setting of bubbling fountains, cactus blossoms, chile ristras and rustic wagon wheels, you’ll have outstanding opportunities to photograph working cowboys and cowgirls up close. Ranch work activity includes cattle penning, horse drives, barrel racing, and small-arena rodeo events. Our instructor, Arizona Highways Magazine Photo Editor Jeff Kida will also help you craft your remarkable photos of cowboys and cowgirls at work around the ranch during both spontaneous and planned portrait activities as he shares his extensive background in photojournalism and portraiture.

Photography Workshop with Bobbie Goodrich and Lynne Pomeranz
April 29 – May 2, 2010
Join renowned photographer and author of "Among Wild Horses", Lynne Pomeranz, and Bobbie Goodrich, acclaimed fine art photographer and educator, for four exciting days in New Mexico photographing horses and intense digital darkroom sessions. 
Numerous photo sessions are planned with the wild horses of Placitas that roam the beautiful rolling foothills of the Sandia Mountains. Their close proximity to civilization provides incredible opportunity to accompany them on their daily rituals. We will view gorgeous bands of paints, grays, blacks and bays under the dramatic New Mexico sunrises and sunsets. Trailing the spirited stallions and their harems is a unique experience. 

May 2- 9, 2010

Scott Trees and Carien Schippers will lead a workshop photographing working cowboys at the Sombrero Ranch for two full days followed by a day of photo and portfolio reviews and guest speakers. Nikon will be attending with gear for participants to try during the workshop and horse drive!
By special invitation photographers may go for a two hour trail ride with the cowboys and wranglers on Wednesday afternoon at Sombrero Ranch and enjoy a meal at the ranch afterward. This is the perfect opportunity to see some of the vast back country surrounding the ranch from horseback!

The Sombrero Ranch Workshop will be followed by an extra special photo event. EPNet Members have been invited to photograph the annual Great American Horse Drive hosted by Sombrero Ranch. Photographers will have the chance to shoot this spectacular three day event and have once in a lifetime photo opportunities as over 800 horses are rounded up and driven 60 miles to the home ranch over two days.

○ Carien Schippers


The Authentic American Cowboy
with Michael Mauro
June 10-15, 2010

Join renowned photographer, Michael Mauro, for a 5-day photographic exploration of The Authentic American Cowboy. This in-depth Iconic Image Workshop takes place on one of the most scenic working ranches in Southern Colorado and includes classroom instruction as well as many hours of “in the field” shooting.○ Michael Mauro
You will be photographing “the real thing”. Real, live, honest-to-goodness cowboys and cowgirls making their living on a working ranch, observing first hand the inter-workings of the the cowboys, the horses and the cattle. Immerse yourself into the midst of the grit, the sweat, the passion, the daily grind of the cowboy, your experience will be up close and personal.

with Gabriele Bosielle
Planned Journeys for 2010: Iceland, Germany, Portugal, Austria and more!
Gabriele's DVD "Journeys and Photoseminars" is available at the EPNet Bookstore

June in Kentucky EPNet Photography Workshops
Lexington Kentucky

Scheduled conveniently around the American Horse Publication’s 40th Anniversary Seminar, these two-day workshops will use as backdrop some of the finest racehorse facilities in the world. Participants will have the opportunity to take photos of new born foals as well as sleek young race horses at exclusive farms in the Lexington area.

The first workshop will be on June 15 & 16 and led by popular portrait and equine photographer Shelley Paulson. This two-day workshop will include hands-on sessions at private thoroughbred stud farms as well as a shoot at the famous Keeneland Racetrack. A special treat will be the privilege of photographing special needs children and the horses used in their program.

This workshop specifically invites photographers who wish to learn Shelley’s winning technique of blending portraiture with the skill to examine the intimate bond between horses and the humans they captivate.

○ Shelley Paulson


Following the AHP Seminar on June 20 & 21 Gabriele Boiselle, one of the world’s leading equine photographers, will lead a workshop specifically for enthusiasts wishing to gain a better understanding and working knowledge of their DSLR while improving their photographic vision of horses.

Gabriele's mission in her photographic work is to capture the soul and essence of the horse and she will share her passion and knowledge with the workshop participants while focusing on the technical basics of creating successful equine photography. Photo reviews will help insure participants are provided with fail-proof skills for consistently good horse images. The workshop specifically invites photographers who want an intense learning workshop focused on technique. Gabriele’s passion for horses, photography and travel are sure to captivate, entertain and inspire.

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