Photos by Carien Schippers, Bev Pettit, Susan Williams, Laurie Taylor and Tracy Robertson
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Photo by Barb Young

Photo-a-Day Challenge

Did you miss the Photo-a-Day Challenge last year? Plan to join us in October! Read more information.

See some of the great images that were created during last year's challenge.

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September, 2010 News

Kentucky EPNet Photography Workshops
Workshop Report

EPNet members met in June for two workshops in the Lexington Kentucky area led by Shelley Paulson and Gabriele Boiselle. Despite the heat participants were treated to early morning shoots at Keeneland and tours of some of the top Thoroughbred facilities in the world as well as the opportunity to photograph Friesians, Saddlebreds and the Riding for Hope Riding Program. This part of the world never fails to impress with the quality and diversity of horses available around every corner for horse lovers and photographers!
Photo by Carien Schippers
"As a professional garden and landscape photographer for over 20 years, it was exciting to be at Keeneland racetrack and photograph fast moving subjects. Flowers sway in the wind from time to time, but there's usually a moment when they stop for a second. Horses don't do that. And especially at the racetrack. Gabriele Boiselle taught us how to stop the action, go in tight and see with new eyes. She has an extraordinary spirit that united our group in a quest to learn not just about the technique of photography, but the heart and soul of what we see." Thanks for a great experience in KY . . . the time in the pasture with the Friesians was very very special to me"
Dency Kane

"I always learn so much at Shelley's workshops. She has a gift for having just the right information you need at the time and an exercise to burn it into your brain. The way she sees the world is with so much love and delight, helps you see things you might otherwise have missed. The first shoot at the Riding for Hope Center was so emotional. So many brave parents and kids and so many angel horses. It was a wonderful place to capture a full range of emotions and watching Shelley bring out just the interactions that make for great photos was eye opening. The Saddlebreds were like walking onto a Ralph Lauren commercial and Shelley brought them right back to being two young girls who love their horses. Fun, fun, fun!! I can't wait for her next workshop." Shirley McQuillan

"This workshop was a heart-changing experience for me, mainly because of the work we did for Central Kentucky Riding for Hope. Photographing these courageous children, and the horses that so tenderly carry and care for them was so inspiring. I had my own uneasiness about what it would be like to photograph children with special needs, but all that went out the window when they stood there with those horses, so joyful and proud of themselves. The honor and respect we were able to give these special ones by taking the time to photograph them was felt by both the children, their parents, and I believe, all of us as photographers." Shelley Paulson

Enjoy some of the great work created by participants in Shelley's and Gabriele's workshops.

2010 Summer Solstice Project

Photo by Christina Weidmann
65 photos from all over the world were submitted for the 2010 Summer Solstice Project. The photo on the left was the highest rated photo, taken by Christina Weidmann of Hungary. See more top rated images.

Plan to join us in December for the Winter Solstice Project.


Equine Photographers Network Workshop in The Carolina Foot Hills - Back to Basics
November 5 - 7, 2010

Join Betty Cooper, Sharon Packer and Carien Schippers for a fun Back to Basics Workshop in North Carolina this November.

We will explore the rights and wrongs of photographing horses, how to capture the correct phase of dressage movements, stopping horse action at liberty and over fences, posing people with their horses, equine conformation and anatomy as well as lighting, camera technicals, Photoshop® and digital workflow and more. One on one personal feedback will be provided from the workshop leaders, fellow participants and experienced riders and trainers. Use this as an opportunity to fill in any gaps you feel you may have in your equine and photographic knowledge, and be sure to bring your portfolio for review.

More information . . .

What are our members up to?
News from the field

Legendary Horses Tour Public Libraries
World Libraries Host a Parade of Yesterday's and Today's Heroic Equines and Equestrians

The Literary Horse: When Legends Come to Life is an exhibit, touring public and school libraries worldwide through 2012, that pairs photos of today's horses and horse-people with quotations from the world's great books. Showcasing first-time riders through Special Olympic and Olympic champions, and equestrian disciplines ranging from carriage driving and show-jumping to jousting and vaulting, The Literary Horse provides visitors with a real-life tour of world classics, such as the Iliad and Richard III, as well as beloved children's tales, like Black Beauty and Cinderella. More than 150,000 young and young-at-heart lovers of horses and epic adventure have visited the exhibit since its debut in 2008, and it has been invited to major libraries to complement national and international events, including the Central Library in downtown Lexington to celebrate America's first hosting of the 2010 World Equestrian Games this September and October.

Photo by Vanessa Wright"I hoped these images would help people see themselves in the great books and inspire them to live their own legends," said Literary Horse creator, EPN member Vanessa Wright. "Heroes aren't just people who lived long ago - they are our neighbors, our friends, our family members, and ourselves. The beauty, heart, and spirit we admire in legendary horses exists in our pasture pets, service horses, and competition partners. Together, we face challenges as thrilling and as extraordinary as the quests of old. After all, every great story, at its heart, reflects the greatness that is already within us."

The Literary Horse: When Legends Come to Life will be touring public and school libraries worldwide through 2012. For more information, a tour schedule, activities, a booklist, and the blog, visit their site.

Horse Photography by Carol WalkerWhy photograph horses? Because, in the words of author Carol Walker, they "fill our hearts," and capturing them on film or in digital images expresses that relationship. We want to catch and hold - and show - their spirit, their tremendous joy in living, their unique personalities, and of course, their incomparable beauty. And we want the quality of our images to honor our glorious subjects.

Photographing horses presents a double challenge, the first being the technical aspects - the lenses, the settings, the light and speed, and how all those relate to the subject. The second element is more elusive: it is horse knowledge - the educated ability to see how a horse moves, sense its moods, and understand its psychology as a prey animal.

Carol Walker's new book Horse Photography: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers presents the tools to master both technique and subject matter. More than that, the book will stir your creativity and inspire you to spend more time focusing on these animals you admire.

International equestrian photographer and traveler Gabriele Boiselle is celebrating her 25th anniversary of gorgeous calendars showcasing spirited horses this year, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of her family farm near Frankfurt, Germany. "The old farm, Voglerhof, was where my grandfather kept his working horses in the stables. Today he'd be called a 'horse whisperer,' but back then he was just a great horseman," she says. The old stables birthed Gabriele's business, in an unheated barn with a little heater to keep her feet warm. Now renovated and home to 1000's of digital 'horses' in her photo archives, Gabriele feels the energy of the farm has come full circle. "It is a great feeling when you can make so much emotion and joy for people with your images and the feelings of your heart," she says. "I feel I have the perfect profession, only that it's really more of a passion, and I love it."

Photo by Gabriele Boiselle

Equine industry writer and marketing strategist Lisa Kemp of Kemp Equine received two prestigious awards this year, for the online media promotional campaign she developed for Gabriele Boiselle's 2010 equine calendar line. Most recently, Lisa was awarded a Golden ARC by the Agricultural Relations Council, in the Tactics/New Media division. Earlier, Lisa received a Silver Trumpet from the Publicity Club of Chicago; other winners in the New Media category included Kraft and Sara Lee. While she's glad for the acknowledgement of her work, Lisa feels what it means for the horse industry is even more important. "This shows that social media and the technology we have available to us have leveled the playing field when it comes to marketing. When they're combined with the right strategy, they allow equine industry businesses to compete in the global marketplace just like any other business." Lisa blogs about equine industry marketing at NoBizLikeHorseBiz.

Rachael Waller placed 3rd in the Wildlife Category of the International Photography Awards.

Bev Pettit and Carien Schippers had work juried into the American Royal Art Show.

Susan Carter reports a first place in the Vienna Arts Society photography show as well as being juried into the following shows and exhibits:
• Artspace National Juried Photography and Printmaking Exhibition
• Maryland Federation of Art's 2010 Artful Photography National Juried Exhibition
• Gardens & Landscapes of Virginia exhibit
• American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog photography exhibit (scheduled for January)
In addition more than 25 of her photographs were published in American Steeplechasing 2009 (385 page hardback book published by the National Steeplechase Association)

Sharon Packer announces that her Horse Sports Photography will be the official photographer for:
• Wellington Classic Dressage 2011
• The Gold Coast Dressage Association 2011
• Welcome Back to White Fences 2011
In this year of Olympic and Pan Am Games qualifiers, it should prove to be very exciting.

Sponsor Spotlight
Tamrac Carrying Systems

Tamrac was created in 1977 by nature photography enthusiasts who recognized the need for camera bags that were tough enough to offer excellent protection, yet easy to carry and allowed fast access to camera equipment. Without a satisfactory product on the market for amateur or professional photographers, they began manufacturing their own camera bags. Today, over 30 years later, Tamrac continues to manufacture innovative products based on photographers' needs and requests, and to maintain the strictest quality standards. Tamrac's extensive line of protective carrying systems for consumers, amateurs and professional photographers includes backpacks, shoulder bags, point & shoot bags, rolling cases, and laptop compatible bags. Tamrac's products hold numerous design inventions and innovations, making Tamrac's products the best products available in the market.

Tamrac manufactures innovative products based on photographers' needs and requests, maintaining the strictest quality standards. Tamrac's extensive line of protective carrying systems includes backpacks, shoulder bags, point & shoot bags, rolling cases, and laptop compatible bags. Tamrac's numerous design inventions and innovations make them the best on the market. See Tamarac's full line.

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