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Fall, 2010 Workshop Newsletter


High altitude wilderness backcountry in Sequoia National Park ON HORSEBACK!!
August 7-15, 2010

7 days in the high altitude wilderness of the Sierra Nevada range of central California with 5 FULL days at the 9,500 to 11,500 ft elevation, photographing some of the most spectacular scenery in the US. We will travel via horseback to a base camp in the wilderness backcountry, removed from all vestiges of city life. No cell phone, no radio, no newspapers, 25 miles from the nearest road, nothing to distract you from capturing the most amazing photos imaginable. You will have a horse available for the entire 5 days taking you to waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets you will never forget, lakes, rivers, towering peaks, green meadows and lush forests.

Wild Horse Workshops  Photo by Lynne Pomeranz
New Mexico with Lynne Pomeranz

Join us for an unforgettable photo and wildlife expedition into the natural habitat of America's last wild horses. Experience all the beauty, serenity, exuberance, and nobility of the last remaining symbols of the American West. Learn how to approach wild horses and anticipate behaviour to capture captivating photos. Photo instruction and digital darkroom included upon request. Groups are purposefully kept small to ensure an intimate experience with personal attention.

Creative Photoshop Techniques that Add Impact
Sherron Sheppard Digital Art Series
Online Course starts August 9th
This online course is geared to intermediate through advanced Photoshop users with an understanding of layers and layer masks that want to add impact to their images, increase their creativity, expand their Photoshop skills and develop an “art” look. Students will explore techniques that will take their work beyond the ordinary photographic look into a more artistic style. Each technique is designed to take your work to that next level. 

The West Redefined
2010 photography workshop schedule

Join acclaimed fine art photographer/NIK team member Bobbie Goodrich and renowned equestrian photographer/videographer Susan Burns for an ultimate workshop experience. You will embrace a wide range of technical and creative expertise with their guidance in the field and post production allowing you to unleash your creative potential.  
Aspen, ColoradoPhoto by Bobbie Goodrich
August 19-20
Zapata Rach, Mosca, Coloardo
September 17-23
Tucson, Arizona
November 12-17 



The Art of Seeing Light Online Course
with Scott Trees
Online Course starts September 5

This four week course covers the fundamentals of light and lighting and all of its many variables with a goal of challenging students to see light differently and change their approach in seeing and using light in their daily work. This course is open to any level of photographer who wants to improve their ability to see and use light in their daily photographic applications. 

September 16-19, 2010 
With Tony Bonanno and Lynne Pomeranz 

Four exciting days photographing Wild Horses, Bison, a HistoricPhoto by Tony Bonanno Ghost Town, other Wildlife and the Vistas that make the natural and cultural landscape of New Mexico such an enchanting destination. Lynne & Tony will share their tips for capturing the action of horses in the wild and the techniques that Tony used for his well- known Hooves & Dust series. In addition, Tony will present an overview / refresher of image capture, post-processing, color management, and output. Included are two intensive post-production sessions in which Tony will guide you through the use of Lightroom, step by step, to help you realize the full potential of your photographs.

David Stoecklein Photography Workshops

Stoecklein Photography is now offering a new series of digital workshops led by Dave Stoecklein in and around the mountains and ranches of southern Idaho. Dave invites you to accompany him as he continues his exploration and documentation of the American West. He will share his knowledge and experience (and even some of his secrets!) with you as you visit his gallery and studio in Ketchum, Idaho, and then journey over the mountains to spend a couple of Photo by David Stoeckleindays at the Bar Horseshoe Ranch in Mackay, Idaho.

You will find yourself right alongside Dave, shooting in the thick of the action at the ranch, marveling at a quiet sunset over the mountains, or tracking down some of the elusive wildlife in a gorgeous and remote landscape. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to experience the western way of life and hang out with Dave as he shoots photos of real working cowboys and cowgirls at nearby ranches and the stunning landscapes and raw nature surrounding the Big Lost and Smoky Mountains. Find out what inspires Dave and hear some side-splitting anecdotes about his time on the road.

Out of Santa Fe Workshops
with Bobbie Goodrich

Our wonderful new studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico will be the venue for our Out of Santa Fe Workshops! Located just ten minutes frion the Main Plaza, but tucked away in the hills of old Santa Fe Trail,  our dedicated studio, gallery and workshops will be a quiet, creative retreat where participants will enjoy wine and cheese every evening, some great home cooking, music, not to mention a focused environment to create, share and inspire!

Fall in Santa Fe
Sept 30-Oct 5
Wild Horses and Turkey
November 24-29
The Challenge: 3 Day Boot Camp
January 20-23, 2011

Equine Photographers Network Fall Back to Basics Workshop in The Carolina Foot Hills
November 5 - 7, 2010

Join Betty Cooper, Sharon Packer and Carien Schippers for a fun Back to Basics Workshop in North Carolina this November.

We will explore the rights and wrongs of photographing horses, how to capture the correct phase of dressage movements, stopping horse action at liberty and over fences, posing people with their horses, equine conformation and anatomy as well as lighting, camera technicals, Photoshop® and digital workflow and more. One on one personal feedback will be provided from the workshop leaders, fellow participants and experienced riders and trainers. Use this as an opportunity to fill in any gaps you feel you may have in your equine and photographic knowledge, and bring your portfolio for review.

Tucson Rodeo Photo Workshop with David H Wells
February, 2011

Photo by David WellsJoin award-winning photographer David H Wells for three intense days photographing the excitement of rodeo at the Tucson Rodeo in February of 2011. The instructor, a veteran photojournalist will guide students through challenges and rewards of photographing one of the top 25 professional rodeos in North America.

Wells does not tell the students what to photograph, but periodically reviews what they are doing (one of the joys of digital technology.) He also shows them ideas for other pictures they might want to make.

Save this Date!
Join us April 29 - May 8, 2011 for the Annual EPNet Workshop at the Sombrero Ranch in Northwest Colorado with exclusive access to the ranch horses, corrals, cowboys and cowgirls as well as a stage coach and a chuck wagon followed by the Great American Horse Drive!
New for 2011 will be a video production workshop. Details will be posted soon on our events page.

Photo by Carien Schippers