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Spring, 2009 Workshop Newsletter 

Ocala, Florida
March 13- 19, 2009   

 Gabriele Boiselle will return to lead two workshops in the Ocala, Florida area in March, 2009 in sunny Ocala, Florida. Join Gabriele as we visit and photograph at some of Ocala's premiere equestrian locations. You will be inspired, energized and motivated to make new and better photos after this workshop!


A prolific photographer well known for her books and calendars of horses and other wildlife, Boiselle’s style is easily recognized with her dramatic photos that capture the essence and the spirit of the horse.
“Horse photography is something for crazy enthusiasts and horse lovers close to madness” said Boiselle. “If you are not burning inside to make good pictures, if you are not willing to cross rivers and get up in the middle of the night and prepare horses for a shoot, you will never achieve the satisfaction in making very special images. I am eager to share all my insights and experience with you during the workshop. And I promise you, you will be dreaming in the night of horses. We will think, love and photograph horses.”

Colorado Cowboys and Great American Horse Drive
Craig, Colorado
May 3 – May 10, 2009

The 7th Annual Spring EPNet Workshop is planned for Craig, Colorado for May 3 - 10. This year’s event features two exciting offerings: the Member’s Workshop at the Sombrero Ranch, and by special invitation, the opportunity to photograph the 800 horse, 60 mile Great American Horse Drive. 2009 will mark the 50th anniversary for this exciting and unique event.

Scott Trees will lead the workshop session photographing working cowboys at the Sombrero Ranch for two full days followed by a day photo and portfolio reviews and guest speakers. 

EPNet Members have been invited to photograph the annual Great American Horse Drive hosted by Sombrero Ranch. Photographers will have the chance to shoot this spectacular three day event and have once in a lifetime photo opportunities as over 800 horses are rounded up and driven 60 miles to the home ranch over two days. 


 Wild Mustangs and the Badlands Spring Photography Workshop
Teddy Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
May 13th – May 18th, 2009
From the raw power of the stallions, to the fragility of a new born colt, to the thundering of the band as they race across the Dakota landscape, its hard not to be in awe of, and inspired by, the Wild Mustang. On the “Wild Mustangs and the Badlands” nature photography workshop we will take you to some of the best places in the United States to photograph Wild Mustangs and the incredible scenic beauty of the Dakota Prairie and Badlands. As we photograph the mustang bands, we will also provide each photographer with in-depth instruction on nature photography, engaging in one on one instruction, discussion, and critiques in the field and off. Each day will be filled with great photography opportunities of the wild horses and Badlands landscapes, along with a variety of other wildlife possibilities such as bison, pronghorn, coyote, birds of prey, and more.  

with Bobbie Goodrich
May 14-17 2009
Join Bobbie Goodrich and Rose Erato in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, photographing the spirit of the horse. We promise you a total artistic experience, working with your camera and in post production classes with award winning photographer Bobbie Goodrich.
Bobbie will share and instruct her unique techniques for creating stunning fine art images from your initial capture. Our workshops provide the opportunity to take your imagery to the next level of mastery.

Please email bobbiegoodrich@mac.com for more information.

Wild Horse Workshops                        

2009 Schedule

New Mexico Wild Horse Workshop
with Lynne Pomeranz
May 15-17
Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory
Monero Mustang Sanctuary

New Mexico Wild Horse Workshop
with Lynne Pomeranz
May 22-25
Wild Horses of Placitas
Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory
Monero Mustang Sanctuary

Enchanted Wildlife in New Mexico
June 3-7
with Lynne Pomeranz and David Cramer on the trail of the wild horses of Placitas, Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory (Carson National Forest), and the Monero Mustang Sanctuary.  

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Workshop
with Lynne Pomeranz
June 18-21
These horses, known for their beautiful Spanish characteristics and colors, offer a unique opportunity to intimately observe and photograph wild horse behaviour and social dynamics. From the red rock, high desert landscape of Wyoming to the semi-alpine slopes of Montana there are beautiful views and photographs to be had along the way.

Flitner Ranch, Shell, Wyoming
Sep 27–Oct 3, 2009
Unparalleled opportunities to photograph horses thundering through clouds of dust and sagebrush, splashing through shallow river beds, and silhouetted against the setting sun are just a fraction of the exceptional photographic potential in our 5-day photo shoot. In addition to the horses, we’ll have outstanding chances to photograph all aspects of cowboy life including model-released cowboys working herds of horses and cattle, during hard-charging action, with backdrops of dramatic red cliffs and golden autumn aspen—and even cowboy portrait sessions! Horses and cowboys will keep us busy all day long—it’s the equivalent of two shoots in one! Each day there will be an extraordinary range of subjects to please beginners and amateurs as well as stock and fine arts photographers.

Join photo leaders Darrell Gulin and Jeff Vanuga on this exclusive shoot to capture the power and majesty of horses, striking images of Wild West buckaroos, and to chronicle the uniquely American flavor of the "Cowboy Way."

The American Cowboy - Symbol of the American West Photography Workshop
Belle Fourche, South Dakota
October 8th – October 13th, 2009
Join us where the open prairie meets the Black Hills in western South Dakota for an amazing six day workshop photographing working cowboys on a sprawling cattle ranch.

For this workshop, we will be on a working cattle ranch, photographing genuine folks who live the life, and are cowboy to the core. These are not professional models, just honest hard working cowboys and girls. In other words, this is as authentic as it gets, and we promise you will not see a rhinestone anywhere on this workshop.

We'll photograph a huge variety of action, scenery, and subjects, including cowboy portraits, riding, roping, running horses, close-ups of cowboy gear and tack, horse pushes, cattle pushes, farrier work, and more. Led by award winning professional photographers, this will be your best opportunity to photograph authentic working cowboys and cowgirls on a real ranch setting in the Dakotas. And when we say “real” and “authentic”, just remember this is a working ranch, so you’ll have to watch where you step!

Triple “D” Offers Western Horse Photography Sessions
Established in 1972, the Triple “D” was one of the first to offer trained animals for wildlife photography and cinematography. During the past 35 years, the Triple “D” has provided animals to many movie companies and still photographers. Their business maintains over thirty species to include the endangered snow leopard and the Siberian tiger. 

Because of their passion for wilderness pack trips, the Triple “D” decided to expand their photographic workshops to include western horse sessions. Here, photographers are provided with opportunities to film the natural beauty of running herds of horses and colorful western dressed wranglers in the beautiful mountain valleys of western Montana and the Sierra foothills of California.

The Montana western photo events are referred to as the “Horse Roundup” which normally are scheduled for two consecutive days and planned to capture the unique beauty of spring, summer, winter and fall. The filming locations are selected to highlight a particular season and include running horses in snow, through water, fields of wild flowers or creating dust as they run.

The California session is called the “Day on the Ranch” and is offered several times during the month of April (alternate years) when the Sierra foothills are lush with new green foliage and abundant with wild flowers.

The Fall EPNet members' workshop is planned for October 15 - 18, 2009 in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Bookmark our events page and stay tuned for more details available soon!