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June 2009 Colorado Roundup

Colorado Cowboys & Horses Diaries

Submitted by Leah Earle . . .

The 2009 Colorado Cowboys and Horses Event was an incredible experience!

The workshop portion was educational and the photo opportunities were endless. Scott Trees had planned shoots for a lot of settings and we even came up with some last minute ideas. The cowboys and cowgirls were more than willing to set up anything we requested. They even did it again over and over to make sure we got the shots we wanted. The weather and lighting were absolutely fantastic. It only sprinkled lightly on one afternoon, but not enough to even pull out a rain sleeve.

The drive portion was in one word… awesome. I got goose bumps every day of the drive. The sound of the horse’s hooves and all of the whinnying was surreal. We had several opportunities to walk among the horses when they were resting and get any shot we could dream of. The horses came in all colors and sizes including Belgians, Appaloosas and Paints.

What a great group of people and to finally meet more EPNet members is always fun. I have never laughed so much in my life.

Submitted by Susan Sexton . . .

Photo opportunities and ideal weather conditions smiled on the EPNet photographers this year during the annual Great American Horse Drive. There's nothing else like it in the country, and it's called the Great American Horse Drive with reason. Wranglers on horseback--both men and women--herd hundreds of horses about sixty miles across the wild and hilly countryside of northwestern Colorado. The EPNet photographers were provided with bountiful opportunities to shoot the excitement and glamor of hundreds of horses galloping down the draw or grazing on the hilltop.

The warm, dry weather affected the shooting conditions. There were perfect clouds to add content and contrast to the sky, and the entire landscape made an ideal background for pictures a large herd of horses.

FYI: It is impossible to capture 600 horses in one picture. All the photographers will attest to that.

Photo by Susan Sexton

Plumes of dust from thousands of hooves rose hundreds of feet into the air, adding an element of interest to some of the pictures, while in others, it obscured everything.

Photographers rode in the backs of pick-up trucks following the herd, sometimes driving through it (very slowly), and other times driving in front of it. The vantage point was constantly changing, sometimes looking up, down and sideways at the horses, as they galloped past and around the cameras. The photographers could choose to be out of the truck, thrilling to the sensation of the horses either milling around them or galloping past, completely engulfing the photographer in thundering noise and billowing dust.

Sharing that long ride formed a bond between the guest wranglers and the Sombrero staff. It gave them purpose and direction. At first, the guest wranglers were a little clueless about what to do and how to do it, but by the second day guest wranglers and staff wranglers could be seen in conversation, laughing and working together. It added value to the long, hot, hard hours in the saddle and under the sun.

View some of the exciting images from
the Colorado Workshop and Drive

Our Sponsors helped make the event special . . .

Colorado Workshop participants were able to print photos during the workshop on a Sony Snap Lab, courtesy of Imaging Spectrum. Check out the link to see how it makes prints without a computer. Imaging Spectrum has lent us one of these for the last few years and it is really handy to make quick prints up to 5x7.

Special thanks to our other participating sponsors who have sent great tools and toys for participants to use as well as lots of cool promotional materials and prizes for our drawings. This year's sponsors include Lensbaby, Frame Destination, Archival Methods, Lumiquest, Lightware, Pictobooks, Imaging Spectrum, and Fine Print Express.

2009 Equine Ideal Photo Contest Results

Hundreds of entries representing 9 countries and 37 states were entered in the sixth annual online equine photography contest sponsored by the Equine Photographers Network. Professional and Amateur division winners were awarded first through sixth place as well as four honorable mentions in seven categories: Performance, Horses and Humans, Head Study, Horse at Liberty , Extreme Action, Art and Black and White. Professional equine photographers, Susan Sexton and Carien Schippers presided as judges.

Photo by Dave Boege
"Taking the Shot"
Best in Show Amateur Division by EPNet General Member Dave Boege

View more results.

2009 Summer Solstice
International Photo Project

Open to All!

Join us on June 21 for the annual EPNet Summer Solstice Project. This project is open to all, you do not need to be an EPNet member to participate.

Learn more!

Horses in Need Photo Project

EPNet Members are working together to create an awareness campaign by using their photojournalism skills to highlight adverse issues or situations regarding horse welfare and to help promote equine protection. Photos from this project will be featured in an upcoming special rescue edition of the online EPNet newsletter and will be available to American Horse Publication (AHP) members for possible publication. The deadline for submitted material is August 1, 2009.

Additional information on participating in this project can be found on the forum.

Upcoming Online Course

The Art of the Equine - Human Portrait
Starts August 1, 2009
Photo by Shelley PaulsonShelley Paulson will help you learn how to photograph horses and people together in a way that is natural and meaningful. In this six week online course you will learn how to set up and prepare for a portrait session, finding the best light for portraits, appropriate camera settings, posing people and horses, working with locations, environmental portraits, and capturing the emotional connection between horses and people.

Read more
about the course.

Member News

Photo by Jill FlemingCongratulations to Jill Fleming for her Category Winner/Photography: Cowboy Affection at the American Royal Western Art Show. This photo was also voted Peoples' Choice Award for the 2009 Equine Ideal Photo Contest.



Congratulations to Carol Lynn Coronios for her photo of mounted shooting "Gotcha!" She received a blue ribbon/Deserving of Merit at the PPSNYS Annual Conference.

See tearsheets and covers from our pro members

Sponsor Spotlight: Lensbaby

Photo by Carien SchippersLensbaby is Craig Strong's baby. Craig invented the Lensbaby Flexible Lens Mounting System to bring a more organic look to his digital SLR camera. Lensbaby's mission is to help professional and amateur photographers see and document their worlds in unique and creative ways.

Lensbaby has a complete line of instruments designed to bend the rules back in your creative favor, to help you reframe possibilities and confound expectations. In short, every Lensbaby product exists to provide you with new possibilities for exploring and revealing your own personal perspectives. Visit Lensbaby for more about this cool tool.

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