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October 2008

Photo Careers
Courtesy, Dan Heller

Photography suffers from a few misconceptions that affect people's expectations of their monetary returns. At the top of the list is the assumption that photography skill is the the most important thing. They were either told by others that their photos are "amazing", or they were advised to sell their photos, or to publish a book, or to have a photo studio.

This is the first bubble that needs to be burst: having good photo skills is actually secondary to making money. Running a business requires business skills, not photography skills. That is the most important foundation that everyone needs to understand and commit to memory. A great photographer with mediocre business skills will almost assuredly fail, whereas a mediocre photographer with great business skills will almost assuredly succeed. In fact, really bad photographers can do quite well if they have a good intuitive understanding of marketing, pricing, negotiations, and interpersonal relationships.

This excellent article discusses in depth what it takes to be a professional photographer and is excerpted from:

The Business of Equine Photography with Scott Trees
Deadline for sign ups extended to October 13!

Yes you can take great pictures, but can you run a business? Pretty photographs won't put food on the table! Do you have what it takes to succeed? Well known equine photographer Scott Trees will guide you through the ins and outs of making your photography business work for you in this video-based course with online discussions. Whether you are just starting out or already run an established photography business, this course will have the information that will help you succeed!

For more information about the course:

Upcoming EPNet Retreat and Workshop

Join EPNet at Clark Farms to photograph at their ranch in beautiful south Central Pennsylvania. We will have complete access to the ranch with morning and evening shoots featuring horse drives, cattle drives, creek crossings, cowboys, light rodeo and more. Betty Cooper will lead us in some sessions in lighting and portraiture. Only a few spots left!

Go here for complete details.

Please visit our generous sponsors that have all sent great items to be given away during the workshop!

Frame Destination
Rangefinder Magazine
Think Tank
Shootsac (See article below)
Archival Methods

Member News

An article on equine photography by EPNet member Melanie Snowhite ran recently in Camera Arts Magazine. Read the article here:

Congratulations to the many EPNet members that were juried into the recent “All Things Horses” Show at the Center for Fine Art Photography:

Carol Walker’s new book, Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses, is available for immediate shipment. In this evocative collection of elegant images and poignant stories, author/photographer Walker brings to brilliant life the wild horses of the Adobe Town herd in Wyoming’s Red Desert and gives readers an insider’s perspective on these graceful, courageous animals. Perfect for holiday gift-giving, the 160-page hardbound book is at the same time a coffee-table enhancement and a thought-provoking presentation of the current state of affairs for America’s treasured wild horses.

Calls for Entries:

USEF 2008 Pegasus Awards for Media

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is now accepting entries for the 2008 Pegasus Awards for Media. Bronze Pegasus statues will be presented in seven categories to honor outstanding achievements in the coverage of equestrian sport, issues or lifestyle in the United States.

One of these top seven winners will be selected to receive the Daniel P. Lenehan Memorial Trophy for Overall Excellence. In addition, one winner will be selected from all mainstream press entries to receive the 2008 President’s Award for Media Excellence.

USEF will accept completed nominations at its Lexington, KY, office through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 7. Entries received after close of business on that day will be returned. There is no fee to enter.

The 2008 Pegasus Awards for Media will be presented formally during the United States Equestrian Federation Annual Meeting in January 2009, in Cincinnati, OH.

To print a 2008 Pegasus Awards for Media Official Entry Form, or to see Official Entry Rules and Guidelines, visit and click on “2008 Media Awards Entry Form” found in the lower right of the homepage.

Ex Arte Equinus II, International Juried Equine Art Competition

Presented by Art Horse Magazine, the journal of History, Art, and Horses, this competition will provide equine artists the opportunity to show their work on an international level. Images of winning artwork will be published in issue #8 of Art Horse Magazine, published March 2009.

Deadline for entry: Oct. 25, 2008.

Visit our latest Image Showcases and view the top rated images from The End Of Summer Light Shoot, and the Concept: Heat and Scenics Assignments

Photo by Sarah K. Andrew   Photo by Sharon Packer

Photos from the End of Summer Light and Heat Shoots

Sponsor Spotlight:

This month, EPNet is proud to include Shootsac, Inc.,
as our newest sponsor.

Shootsac logo


Can a Lens Bag Really Change the Way You Shoot?
This one can.

THE LOOKS: Jessica Claire's signature style is an inspiration to photographers worldwide and is the foundation of Shootsac. Completely unencumbered by the expected, she thrives on vibrant colors, urban romance and uncharted territory. Her fast paced, highly skilled, wildly creative, no-shot-too-bold techniques necessitated the creation of Shootsac.

Using high-quality prime lenses is a key to her vision. "I know these lenses inside and out. I know without hesitation what I can produce with them. When I see the shot in front of me my muscle memory kicks in and I grab what I need to complete the image. For me - it has to be seamless”, says Jessica. Quickly realizing that traditional camera bags were not only a ball and chain to her creativity but also a serious drain on her fashion sense...she went straight to the closet. Grabbing a favorite handbag (a Prada no less) she loaded up her gear and created a situation that was workable but far from ideal. Having no protection for her lenses was definitely a drawback and replacing damaged lenses each season was costly, but having what she needed to capture the world the instant it unfolded was critical to her style, her business and ultimately her now high profile success.

Shootsac is a labor of love that Jessica Claire is excited to share with you and your lenses. Being able to comfortably and safely carry the tools you need, without looking like a camera geek is going to change the way you shoot and the way you see the world. "You are going to love having a bag that actually works as opposed to having to work around your bag. Personally, I don't need a lot of fancy gear to create the images I see. The magic you can't bottle is happening right there in front of me. Shootsac makes it possible for me to keep it simple, keep it quick, and most importantly, keep shooting."

THE BRAINS: Photographer Jessica Claire and entrepreneur Keats Elliott have teamed up to bring you Shootsac. Based in Southern California, the company is proud to introduce an eagerly awaited and long overdue solution to the ubiquitous "camera bag" dilemma. Shootsac is a high-quality, high-fashion product. The goal is not to replace your traditional camera bag but rather to provide you with a handsome, hands free, no ego, so-comfortable-you-can-forget about it, lens-carrying assistant no matter where you shoot. "Focusing on the style of shooting that Jessica Claire is pioneering is as much a part of the company's mission as is the gear to support it. You can count on Shootsac to bring vibrant color and a sense of the unexpected to your images as well as the inside of your camera bag’”, says Keats.

Add Style to your Work today. For more information, visit:

And one lucky attendee will win a Shootsac at
the Fall Retreat Workshop!

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