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2007 In Review Issue
January 2008

EPNet Courses
EPNet offered some excellent courses that were well attended by enthusiastic participants. Course leaders saw improvement grow by leaps and bounds and enjoyed teaching as much as the students enjoyed participating!

Joan Davis PhotoStudents received a good working introductory knowledge in basic Photoshop techniques in Melanie Levy's course and saw huge improvements in their work. Here is a photo Joan Davis enhanced in the course.
"Great course! I picked up lots of tidbits that will help me improve my images. "

Peter DeMott’s Advertising and Promotion course had students reading some excellent resources and using the new information they learned to apply to their own businesses. The feedback from their colleagues was invaluable. If you missed it last year this course is now being offered again, but the deadline for registration is coming up soon. See more details on our course page.
"I have been using Peter's course with my current job and it is making a huge positive difference in results. I highly recommend this course for even day to day events."

Carien Schippers led the Basics of Equine Photography course where participants worked on weekly assignments to better understand the fundamentals for taking successfully consistent horse photos.
"You gave a wonderful, concise and fun course. Your input was always clear and pushed us to try harder and different areas."

Shelley Paulson’s “The Art of the Human Equine Portrait” had students seeing the light and learning many useful tips on posing and lighting.
"You opened my eyes to different types of light! But the second best thing I learned was the color correcting for skin color and the curves move that really make the photos pop. I could never achieve that with using just levels before. I feel like my photos have take a leap 10 fold."

Scott Trees rounded off the year with his DVD-based “Business of Equine Photography” Course, changing the focus from photographic skills to how to develop and manage a successful enterprise. From making contacts to keeping records the IRS will approve of, Scott's course was a thorough discussion of the other half of making your equine photo business work.
"You have given great tools to use to manage and organize a well run equine photographic business."

These courses and more will be offered in 2008!

Neide Weingrill of BrazilMembers participated in our monthly assignments as well as fun shoots and came back with some spectacular work to share! Photos were uploaded to forum albums where other members could then leave comments, critiques and tips.

Assignments covered such topics as Details, Horse and Human Portraits, Composition, Concept: Spirit, and Creating a Business Card. This is an image by Neide Weingrill of Brazil for our lifestyle assignment.

A list of Assignments and Shoots scheduled for 2008 has been posted on the forum.

Photo by Cally MatherlyOur fun shoots included The Equinox in Black and White, May Day, End of Summer Light and The Summer and Winter Solstices. Some truly amazing and inspiring work resulted from these assignments. Cally Matherly captured this lovely photo of her daughter for the May Day shoot.

The End of Summer Light was an assignment to document horses in the best light over Labor Day Weekend. Sarah Andrews writes about her dramatic photo:
”I left my apartment at 2:30am Saturday in the hopes of catching a misty Saratoga sunrise. As I drove up the New York Thruway, I could see mist rising on the sides of the road and I knew that I was in for a big treat. I arrived at the track at dawn. Words cannot describe the beauty of the sun filtering through the mist as horses and riders glided
around the track. The Saratoga meet Sarah Andrews photoended on Monday and New York racing returns to Belmont. While I am happy to see racing closer to home, I had to say goodbye to the Saratoga for another year. My summer fling has ended.”

Winter Solstice Shoot
Leslie Heemsbergen Photo“Coming in from the Storm” was nearly not captured because of the storm! In my home in the central US prairie we saw snow and ice storms on every weekend in December, 2007. 100% chance of snow was predicted for the solstice. Although I love the opportunity that this weather brings for images, I had knee surgery scheduled for January and was cautious about walking on the ice and snow. Next door to our acreage is a boarding barn, whose owner is a dear friend and neighbor. I felt her routine of evening feeding would tell a great story of life for the horses in the heartland of Iowa. Sunset was scheduled for 4:41pm, Barb fed horses at 5, and if the snow held off, maybe we could get a nice silhouette. Lucky for me we didn't get a sunset at all. The snow came in early, my husband was called in to work, and I decided that if I re-injured my knee, well I had surgery scheduled they could fix it then. The result is “Coming in From the Storm”, a testament to Barb and all the owners & workers who do this routine day in and day out despite the weather or how they feel …for the love of horses."
Leslie Heemsbergen

Visit our Image Showcases to see more photos from our recent assignments, courses and challenges.

Pro Member Challenges
Cristy Cumberworth PhotoThis year we introduced Photo Challenges for the EPNet Professional members. These are one word concepts that members go and shoot for: always fun, usually challenging and sometimes surprising! Challenges for 2007 included texture, shapes, lines, orange, rich, contre jour, 5.6 and intent. Here is Cristy Cumberworth's photo from the lines challenge.

Equine Ideal Online Photo Contest
Many great entries from around the world made this the most exciting Equine Photo Contest so far. View some of the top placing images on the Contest website.

From judge Shelley Paulson: "Judging the professional division of this contest was very difficult. I enjoyed getting a close-up look at the volume of great talent and creativity in our industry. Picking the top 10 in each category was a big challenge. There were photos in each category that I had only positive comments for, but that didn't make the top 10 rankings because they just didn't strike me as strongly as others. On a personal level, judging the work of others made me look again at my own work and think of how I might have judged my photographs. This was definitely a humbling experience!"

Don't miss our next Equine Ideal Online Photo Contest! Read more about our 2008 Call for Entries.

Spring Workshop
Photo by Beth OsterkampIn 2007 we met in Colorado in the spring and Connecticut/New York in the Fall. From cowboys to top level dressage horses and six horse hitches of gleaming black Percherons, going to a workshop gets you outside your comfort zone and immerses you in a world of potential and possibilities and new horizons with the chance to meet people that love horses and photography. In Colorado we enjoyed the hospitality of the Sombrero Ranch and a hard working but fun loving group of cowboys and cowgirls, learned from EPNet member leaders Scott Trees and Melanie Levy and sponsors Paul Peregrine of Lightware, Mark Lukes of Fine Print Imaging and had access to a Sony SnapLab photo printer for printing out photos for our models. This was followed up with the three day Horse Drive, an experience like no other! If you missed this event in 2007 don’t despair as we are doing it again this year!

Fall Workshop
Photo by Carien Schippers"Carien Schippers had set up so many great opportunities for us to shoot. Everything from Olympic hopeful Courtney King, who is an absolute natural in front of the camera, the finer points of dressage were pointed out to us by dressage trainer and coach Lendon Gray and we had many opportunities to photograph some outstanding horses and riders in beautiful locations.  And what can anyone say about Pinnacle Farm and the experience of photographing there except that it was one of the most memorable experiences of my horse life. I can still hear and feel those horses whenever I look at the photos.

The workshop was a place to learn to see and capture the stories of the horses you get to shoot. A time to see the work of other photographers and learn from the critiques of their work and yours." Cynthia Fleishman

" I made some great friends and was amazed at how totally addicted they all are to what they do. Anytime you can get a group of women together who prefer to skip a fancy dinner to order a pizza and work well into the night editing and sharing what they had captured that day, you know you're in the right place!" Shirley McQuillan

What’s in store for 2008?

Winter Workshop in Florida
Gabriele Boiselle will be leading two workshops in Ocala, Florida in February. Here is your chance to work closely with one of the world’s leading equine photographers whose passion and love for horses and photography shines through in her work. This workshop is coming soon and almost full. Read more about it on our Events site and register soon. The registration deadline is fast approaching!

Back by Popular Demand!
We are repeating our on line course: Marketing and Promotion with Peter DeMott. Many members asked if they could take it in the winter when it was less hectic. This was a great course to learn how to promote your business. Read more about Peter's course and register soon - the course begins February 1st.

Here is what Shelley Paulson had to say about the first Marketing and Promotion course: "I am very excited about your class. The funny thing is, I wasn't sure I needed it at first (ugh - pride!) because I work in a similar field, but now my whole life is in an uproar (a good uproar) because of it! I realized quickly I haven't been setting goals and I need to get things in better order."

Back to the Future
Photo by LevyWe will be back in Colorado for more great photo ops at the Sombrero Ranch and the Horse Drive. Scott Trees will lead the shoots and Lightware and Fine Print Imaging will be joining us again with demos and workshops. Don't miss this mix of fun and education and the chance to shoot some truly amazing photo. Read more about the Spring Workshop and register now!

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Call for Entries
Equine Ideal: Winter 2008 Online Photography Contest Deadline: March 5, 2008

All professional and amateur photographers who seek to capture the ideal image of the horse are invited to enter the Online Photography Contest sponsored by the Equine Photographers' Network.

Ribbons will be awarded to first through sixth places and prizes to the top three placing photos in each of the seven categories and a Best of Show and People’s Choice awards in both the Professional and Amateur divisions. The official rules and entry form are available online at:

Do you ever wonder what is going on at EPNet? Check out our new Events Calendar for the latest happenings!

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