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Spring News Issue
April 2008

Ocala, Florida: Winter 2008 EPNet
Workshop with Gabriele Boiselle

Horses, photos, learning and fun in the sun!

"Gabriele was an incredible instructor. Her enthusiasm and excitement was contagious. Her passion for capturing the horse's essence is in her very soul and she wants equine photographers to convey the importance of the beauty of the horse in their images. She gave us many exercises to do at home that would help us become better photographers."

One thing that becomes perfectly clear within moments of meeting Gabriele Boiselle is that she LOVES horses and she loves photographing them. Her passion is contagious. She is one of those rare humans who instinctively touch souls - and her particular brand of this is all about feeling the spirit of the horse and allowing that communication to come through the camera. She is so very attuned to this art that she told us that if we focus our minds (and let our cameras do their job) we can capture the magic even with our eyes closed. That one is going to take some practice in believing. Gabriele's teaching was all about feeling, believing and connecting. Believing the images will come, the spirit of the horse will come through, and the joy of simply and truly being with the horses is honor enough for each day.

It would be silly to suggest that all of this photo-magic just happens by itself. Instead, it is the completeness of preparation for the shoot that makes capturing the images possible: from the non-photographic aspects - exploring the site and meeting the horses and their people through the obvious - organizing of equipment and charging of the batteries.

Gabriele sent us off to our first shoot armed with simple and universal technical steps and an almost hypnotic intention to learn to trust our intuitive connection through the equipment to the light, the setting and the animals and owners. Have your equipment ready. Work the camera: change as needed . . . the ISO, the focus, metering and program modes, the white balance, the servo and the exposure compensation settings. MOVE. Be quiet and alert and aware. Safety first. Shoot and shoot and shoot and worry about the outcome later. Learn from the missed shots. Something good will happen. Internalize what works.

Some favorite quotes:
"Getting energy from the aura of the horse."
"Capturing the image of the horse not everyone gets to see."
"The photographer is the 'transmitter' of great images."

Thank you to Cindy Fleishman and Leah Earle for contributing their thoughts about the workshop.

Some great images taken by participants at the workshop may be seen online:

If you missed this year’s workshop we will be offering it again next year in Florida. Upcoming EPNet events are posted on the web:

Ocala Workshop

Gabriele will offer a seminar in conjunction with the American Horse Publications conference in Saratoga Springs, New York this June. Join us there!

Cast Your Vote for the People's

The Equine Photo Contest is now open for People's Choice voting.

Come vote for your favorite amateur image and your favorite professional image. The Peoples' Choice Award is determined by popular vote of the contest finalists as selected by the presiding judging panel.

The photo with the most votes in each category will win an autographed copy of "Horses" by Gabriele Boiselle and a Canvas Gallery Wrap up to 16x20 from Fine Print Imaging

Click here to vote and enjoy the pictures!

Peoples' Choice Voting: April 5 - 15, 2008
Winners Announced: April 21, 2008

If you don't see the confirmation email, check your bulk mail or spam filter. Due to the volume of votes cast we cannot help you troubleshoot your email account.

Preparing for Horse Show Season

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance” ~ unknown

Things to do now:
• Plan a manageable schedule of bookings.
Advertising: restock business cards, prepare flyers and post cards and other promotional items and list your business on related sites in your target area.
Review and update your web site: remove or rearrange old galleries
Confirm source(s) for assistants, if you need them.
Restock “ears up” gadgets
Order backdrops and banners

Before an event or shoot:
Confirm with booked venue management about any special needs and/or requests. Make sure Event Agreements are signed and that management is clear on the meaning of copyright and Official Photographer, and will provide support, if difficulties with other photographers arise.
Visit the venue for familiarization and test shooting – best locations to shoot, for table or booth and backdrop setup and for posting flyers.
Inspect and clean gear both primary and back up: every piece in your kit. Charge every batteries. Print and refill office supplies (note pads, pens, sign up forms, releases, business cards, signs, etc.).
Have neat, clean and appropriate clothing ready.
Check vehicle: gas, oil, air, wash, and tune up as necessary.

Horse Show

Note: Before you seek or take a photography job as a professional equine photographer, please be very sure you have the photographic equipment (including back ups) and skills, the proofing and sales systems, and the experience with the specific horse breed or discipline in place to do a good job for the client. You should be able to expertly use and be completely familiar and comfortable with your equipment and consistently get the pose and position of the horses required by their breed or discipline. It means the ability to deliver what the client expects. The horse community is small, and you will ruin your reputation for a long time if you deliver less than expected even one time and for whatever reason.

Coming next month:
Image delivery, presentation, on line viewing systems, etc.
The role of official photographer: working with management: contracts
Challenges of the horse show photographer

What do 800 Horses and 3-legged
Gorillas Have In Common?

They are all part of the upcoming Equine Photographers Network Spring Retreat and Photography Workshops! Join EPNet in Northwestern Colorado for organized photo shoots and discussions with photo experts like Scott Trees, Kate Dardine and Larry Padgett. Play with event sponsors’ equipment like Gorilla-Pods, Nikon cameras and Lightware gear. Print your workshop photos on a Sony Snap Lab printer.

The Workshop is followed by the All-American Horse Drive with endless great photo opportunities shooting Sombrero Ranch’s herd of horses as they are driven over two days from their winter range to the home ranch by cowboys and cowgirls.

Guest speakers will include Kate Dardine from Fine Print Imaging who will be talking about “Creating a Fine Art Identity.” Gain name recognition and make your images stand out from the crowd. She will be challenging attendees to find what is unique about their work. Guest speaker Larry Padgett from the Center for Fine Art Photography will talk about “Internet Marketing for Photographers,” how to make web sites that work for photographers and look at them objectively. He will be showing examples of sites, as well as discussing the use of blogs, widgets and RSS feeds. Finally he will discuss tying the web presence together with printed pieces.

The workshop includes organized ranch photo shoots, great opportunities to meet with other photographers and portfolio reviews with Carien Schippers and Scott Trees, not to mention exciting prizes from our sponsors. Scott will present a session on “The Business of Equine Photography” taking attendees beyond shooting pretty pictures to making a living as a working photographer. Running a business can be difficult for artists. Scott will discuss the details photographers need to know to run a successful horse photography business in today’s changing marketplace and tailor the session to meet the needs of the attendees.

After a successful Workshop and Horse Drive with the Equine Photographers Network in 2007, Sombrero Cowboy Lee Peters says “I am looking forward to having the group back for more fun and games in 2008! The photos from 2007 were spectacular and we enjoyed the opportunity to set up shoots and pose for the photographers, view the photos that they came up with and take them home.”

Sombrero Cowboy

Learn more about the Equine Photographers Network Spring Retreat, Photo Workshops and the Horse Drive on their web site:

Avoid the late fee, sign up by April 14th, 2008

Call for Entries: All Things Horses . . .

From Appaloosas to Zebras, country roaming to carousel rotating, are welcome to this call for entry. Images of working horses, wild horses, dressage, tack, anything related to the life of our equine friends is welcome.

Exhibition and Awards:
With selection for this exhibition, artists and their work will be seen by an international audience of collectors, curators, art consultants and others who appreciate the fine art of photography.

• Exhibition in The Center for Fine Art Photography’s gallery from September 5 through September 27, 2008
• Feature presentation in CameraArts magazine Artists’s ShowCase
• Juror’s Selection award: $500
• Director's Selection award: $300
• Gallery Visitor’s Choice Award: $100
• Two Artists’ ShowCase Online subscriptions – the Center’s new online image marketing website (preview at )
• All exhibitors are included in the Center's online gallery of exhibitions for two years
• Inclusion in the Center's 2008 Exhibition Collection CD which is distributed to selected galleries, collectors, design houses and corporations world wide

Important Dates:
• Entries due: June 18, 2008
• Notice of acceptance: June 30, 2008
• Exhibition dates: September 5 – September 27, 2008
• Public and artists’ reception during the Fort Collins Gallery Walk: September 5, 2008

Prospectus and details at:

Ocala Silhouette

Sponsor Spotlight: Sony SnapLab

The Sony SnapLab gains popularity with event photographers - See the SnapLab in action at our upcoming EPNet workshop in Colorado!
The UPCR10L SnapLab is a compact, standalone digital photo system with robust editing features right on the printer that let users manipulate their images and then output high-end digital prints in seconds - without the need of a computer!

The UPCR10L SnapLab Digital Photo System prints 3.5"x5", 4"x6" and 5"x7" photo lab like quality prints. The 8-inch color LCD screen allows the user to edit photos, add borders, add text and print split images.

If you would like to learn more about the SnapLab or any other event printer, call Imaging Spectrum!

If you currently do your own event printing, or are thinking about it, then Imaging Spectrum will have the digital printing products you need, with a full line of large format inkjet printers and supplies, with free shipping.

Contact:  Imaging Spectrum Inc. and ask for "Steve" to get special EPN pricing on the Sony SnapLab and other event imaging supplies. Imaging Spectrum: 800-342-9294

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