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September - October, 2007
Special Fine Arts Edition
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Promoting Your Images as Fine Art

Fine Art Photo Papers

Ten Habits of Successful Photographers

Ex Arte Equinus Competition

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Promoting Your Images as Fine Art

Everyone loves horse images! The equine image can be used to conceptualize so many words and themes such as beauty, strength, power, grace and so on. These concepts translate well through horse images in art. The human race has created and preserved equine images for as long as horse and man have coexisted. Getting your horse images out in front of a predominately non-horse audience as art can be an enlightening and refreshing experience.

There are many places to hang and show your work: art shows, juried competitions, on line shows, public art, and more. Do a quick Google search using your region and including “art competition” or “Call for entry” as search terms, you may be surprised with the results you get. Most states have Arts Councils that are clearing houses for art related information.

When entering competitions bear in mind that many open and juried art shows are open to all media, not just photos. Read your prospectus carefully to make sure your work is appropriate to the competition. You will be expected to pay an entry fee for a few images submitted by CD - this does not guarantee you will be juried into the competition.

On the local level get involved with local arts councils and other arts groups, add your name to arts related mailing lists and bookmark sites that interest you. Many public places are interested in hanging art: waiting rooms, cafes, stores and banks. There are also artist’s coops and galleries seeking new members and art to market.

With the internet, all this information is at your fingertips. We've given you a head start with a page of a plethora of great art related links!

Fine Art Links

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Fine Art Photographic Papers

Nicki Tozier manages a photo lab in Philadelphia. She suggests that photographers interested in fine art learn about the different papers that are available. The paper your image is printed on can help change it from an ordinary photograph to a work of art. There are a variety of papers that have different qualities. Some images may look good on one paper but awful on another. Likewise, one paper won't always suit the needs for every image.

Among the qualities to consider are: the thickness of the paper; whether the surface is glossy, matte, or somewhere in between; and the ability of the paper to give you a wide range of tones (commonly referred to as D-Max). If you can find a local lab who can print samples of your image on different papers, and can discuss knowledgeably what you want, you may be better off in the long run.

Papers have different surface qualities and colors as well. They can be completely smooth, lightly textured, or very noticeably textured, such as canvas. Colors vary from bright white to gray or yellowish. Avoid papers that use optical brighteners. These will fade over time and lose the bright white quality that was attractive in the first place. You are better off going with a paper that starts off-white and stays that same color over time.

In Nicki’s experiments with printing images, she preferred Hahnemule's Photo Rag paper and Crane's Museo Silver Rag. The Photo Rag is a very smooth matte paper while the Silver Rag is a semi-lustre, textured paper.  The Photo Rag comes in several thicknesses - go with the 308 grams/sq. meter (gsm). The Silver Rag is 300 gsm. Both are 100% cotton.

Nicki Toizer

Ten Habits of Successful Photographers

We are all familiar with Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - here is a version specifically for photographers adapted by our friends at FinePrint Imaging which was presented at the EPNet Conference in May. It offers good advice that will help you promote your professional image and business.

Ten Habits of Successful Photographers

Join Mark Lukes of FinePrint Imaging for some exciting upcoming Art Related Workshops this fall in Colorado:


Call for entries -- Ex Arte Equinus
International competition

Categories for Photography, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture

This competition will provide equine artists the opportunity to show their work as Fine Art on an international level. Images of winning artwork will be published in issue #6 of Art Horse Magazine (published January/Feb. 08). Show sponsors:  MisterArt.com, Hawk Mountain Papers, MatShop.com, and FrameDestination.com. Winners and selected images will also be published in a limited edition hardback book about the show.

Entry deadline: Nov. 1, 2007 Details and prospectus: http://www.arthorsemagazine.com/art_competition.html

Art Horse Magazine
Ex Arte Competition
Member News

What are EPNet members doing to promote their work as fine art? Read about member's achievements from around the United States, Canada and around the world.

Member News

Shine by Jody Miller
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