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Chattanooga TN 37421
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If you are like most equestrians, you vividly remember one special horse. Mine was a green-broke (to use the term very loosely) buckskin pinto pony that my parents purchased for $200. Quite frankly, I'm amazed my parents actually agreed to bring him home given that during my test ride, he took off across a field and dumped me flat on my back. I finally arrived back at the barn about 15 minutes after he did to find my mother in a state of panic over her lost and possibly injured child.

After convincing her that I was fine, and even more importantly, that THIS is the pony for me, the deal was struck and we were the proud new owners of one sassy, headstrong, adorable pony. Continental Cloud came to live at Flintlock Farm and the two of us grew up together.

The first show I took him to, we came home with Reserve Champion of the day and three firm offers to buy him for several thousand dollars. Of course, there wasn't a chance he was leaving. Cloud stayed with us until I went to college and when we parted ways, he went to live with some family friends who lived one mile down the road and had young girls as horse crazy as I was. He lived with them until the day he died. Well loved by not one but two families.

It's been 20+ years, and the photos taken by my father of Cloud and I at our first show, still hang in my parents' house. And to this day, every time I go home to visit and see those images, I'm transported back to that day, those memories and that special beloved pony who changed the lives of so many.

If you love a horse, you know what a big part of our lives they are and I believe in creating images that will help you remember not just the way your relationship looked and how it made you feel.

Images have the ability to remind us, in both our minds and our hearts, the friendship and love between equestrians and their equine companions. With that in mind, my goal is to create gorgeous imagery that helps document your lives together, as well as, the beauty that is your equine companion. It doesn't matter if your journey leads you to racing, jumping, driving, dressage or reining. You and your companion have a story to tell and I'm here to help you share that story.

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