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Sabine Peters

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Artwork & Photographie Sabine Peters
Sabine Peters
Wassergasse 4a
Langenselbold SELECTED 63505

Available Services: Art, B/W, Digital, Farm, Graphic Design, Portrait, Race, Stock,
Growing up on the neighbor’s farm and spending plenty of times with the animals there, i learned to deal, respect and love all kinds of them. However the beauty and grace of horses pulled me already in childhood under her spell. I was fascinated by them. The power, the movement, everything.
2009 i started to learn wildlife photography in an autodidactic way. Fortunately trained in computer science and experienced in web designs, i entered the image processing programs and find an ideal ally to create many photo into a piece of art.
Seeing a horse that time already as graceful and stylish, photography opened up a new tool and it was a challenge to make my personal perception accessible for others.
Since early 2012 i have focused on horse photography. This includes the free moving horse, the representation with its rider or owner and the wide field of equine fine art.
Every horse owner sees something special in his horse and it’s my intention and passion to depict this one special moment when the human heart is touched with love while spending time with his beloved four-legged friend.
So every picture is a declaration of love, respect and confidence in between two different species.

Greetings Sabine

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