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Back by Popular Demand: Online Course Begins August 13th!

Sherron Sheppard’s Digital “ART” Series
Creative Photoshop Techniques That Add Impact

This three week course is geared to intermediate through advanced Photoshop users who want to add impact to their images, increase their creativity, expand their Photoshop skills and develop an “art” look.

This digital “art” course eexplores techniques that take your work beyond an ordinary photographic look into a more artistic style. Each technique is designed to elevate your work beyond where it is now and into the fine art level.

Each participant will be given individual feedback to help them analyze their images with more of an artistic eye. In addition, students are encouraged to post “Before and After” images, along with a brief description of their creative process, so students are exposed to a variety of creative and artistic ideas and learn from each other. Students will also gain compositional design knowledge and Photoshop skills that can be applied to any other photographic style.

Each week students will download course material that covers several Photoshop “art” techniques. This course is a hands-on class but students are not required to post daily assignments. After practicing the course material each week, students are encouraged to post images, using the course techniques and/or other techniques. Instructor comments and suggestions will be provided for each of the posted image.

To get the most out of this class, students should be familiar with, and be able to use layers and layer masks. Please note software requirements below.

Some of the techniques included in this course are:
• Brief review of Layers, Layer Masks, Adjustment Layers, Combining Layers, Clipping Masks
• Several techniques designed to make images POP
• Techniques for exploring Blend Modes
• Digital Infrared technique
• Several techniques designed to add creative glows
• Techniques for Adding Sun Rays to images
• Creating double mats with beveled edges
• Hand painted edges
• Cloud technique
• Several techniques designed to add a creative, artistic look
• Embossed Watermarking
• Printing on Handmade Japanese paper
• Wacom Tablet setup

Software Requirements
Photoshop and Elements:
The course material is written for Photoshop versions CS and beyond.

The course material includes an Element Supplement. There are some instances where an Elements "work-around" is used to compensate for the differences between Elements and the full version of Photoshop. For the most part, you can use Elements in place of the full version to complete this course.

Photo by Sherron Sheppard

More of Sherron’s work can be seen at www.SheppardPhotography.com

Comments from Sherron’s
previous EPNet students:

• “Thank you so much for another great class. Even though I've taken your workshop a couple of times I really feel like I absorbed so much more with the online class. I think having a week to digest one lesson at time before moving on was great. I especially love the way you structured the class. It was so easy to follow the lessons and keep up with the question and answers about each topic.”

• “Your class was stellar--from the course materials you provided to the very helpful unbiased support, critique and ideas you offered to the work students posted. I'd give your classes a "10"!”

• “I have to say this has been the best online class that I have ever taken. The content was in depth and explained in a way that I could understand. If there was a concept I didn't fully understand all I had to do was ask about it and it was explained in more detail. It had a lot to do with the available Course Material provided. Reading and re-reading then applying is the best way that I learn and all the materials helped with that. I only wish that we weren't at the end and that I had more time to devote to this course. Thank you very much, Sherron, for putting together such an awesome class. Whenever you offer the next one I will be there!”

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About Sherron:

Sherron Sheppard began her transition into photography 13 years ago after many years as a traditional artist. Her photography career began photographing weddings with her husband, Ron. Seven years ago, Sherron transitioned from wedding photography into other areas, including presenting programs and workshops to amateur and professional photographers. She teaches Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter classes at conventions, PPC's West Coast School, conducts private workshops, co-instructs an annual Equine Workshop with photographer April Visel and teaches Photoshop at EPNet's Sombrero Ranch Workshop.

In 2003 the Professional Photographers of California (PPC) awarded Sherron “Photographer of the Year” in the Journalistic Wedding Category. Again in 2005, PPC awarded Sherron “Photographer of the Year” in a second category, the Illustrative. In 2006, Sherron earned her third “Photographer of the Year” in the Illustrative category. She was also awarded PPC’s 2006 “Top Photographer of the Year” with the highest print case total, Best of Show and also the “Peoples Choice Award”.

In January 2006 at the (PPA) Professional Photographers of America (PPA) convention, Sherron was awarded “Platinum Photographer of the Year” with 3 Loan Collection Images and was invited to join the American Society of Photographers (ASP).

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About the Course

  • You do not need to be an EPNet member to take the course.
  • Late registrations will be accepted after August 17th.
  • The course is not scheduled for a particular time each day. You work at your own best times to get through the materials and post to your own thread based on the assignments for the course. You also interact with other participants and can form lasting networking associations with other participants from throughout the country (and world).
  • Participants need to be registered on the EPNet discussion forum:
    http://www.equinephotographers.org/4um/index.php to be able to participate.
  • Threads will be organized by subject, for example: Introductions, Weekly Course Material, Before and After images, and subject related Question and Information threads. This method is used to keep related questions and comments within the same thread making it easier for students to follow a discussion and to find answers. This makes for a dynamic learning experience regardless of your skill level.

Sign up deadline is August 19th.
The course will last approximately 3 - 4 weeks, beginning August 13th.
Course cost is $129.
You must be registered on the forum to participate.

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