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Understanding Your Camera's Exposure Modes
An Online Short Course with Daniel Johnson

Course will start Monday February 27, 2017
Cost: $29.99/Members $34.99/Non-Members

That camera of yours has a lot of power, many controls, and a host of "exposure modes" to choose from: Aperture Priority! Shutter Priority! Program Mode! Auto ISO! All manual!

The exposure mode you select for your camera has a direct and significant effect on the way you take pictures. Unfortunately, choosing the exposure mode that works for you, your subject, and your style of shooting can be a little confusing for beginner and even advanced photographers, and some photographers struggle with the decision of which mode to use and why. If you would like to finally achieve a good understanding this important part of photography, then join professional equine and pet photographer Daniel Johnson for a two-week exploration of Exposure Modes in this new online course!

Through text, photo examples, forum discussion, and short videos, and an equine photography related-theme, you'll learn about:

  • Aperture Priority Mode: Why it's so powerful, why it's the mode of choice of many professional photographers, and what makes it a good choice for equine photography.

  • Manual Exposure Mode: When to use, and when not to. Taking complete control of the exposure is very useful in some situations, but it's not always the best choice. Learn to recognize situations that will benefit from the use of Manual, and compare those with times when a semi-automatic mode might be more helpful.

  • Program or "Auto" Mode: As growing photographers, automatic exposure modes are often frowned upon. Are there ever appropriate times for an advanced photographer to use an Auto mode?

  • Shutter Priority Mode: At first glance, Shutter Priority seems to be the perfect choice for most action, animal, and sports photography. But we'll learn about the "hidden" pitfall that comes with this exposure mode and why it just might cause you a few problems.

  • Exposure Compensation: Adding to the confusion in some cases is the need to use the Exposure Compensation dial in coordination with your chosen auto- or semi-auto mode. Learn how this handy feature works and how you can use it in combination with your chosen exposure mode to capture the ideal image.

The main goal of the course is to clear any confusion on exposure modes and provide advice on selecting the one that is right for you. Ready to take control of your images and your camera? Join us today!

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About Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson is an award-winning professional photographer specializing in horses, pets, rural life, and food, and is the author and photographer of five non-fiction horse books including How to Raise Horses: Everything You Need to Know, The Field Guide to Horses, The World's Greatest Horse Poster Book, Horse Breeds: 65 Popular Horse, Pony & Draft Horse Breeds, and The World's Greatest Colts and Fillies Poster Book. He's also the author and photographer of The 4-H Guide to Digital Photography and four other books.

Dan's photos of animal, nature, food, and rural life have been published thousands of times worldwide, and have appeared in books, nationally published calendars (he's been the sole photographer of numerous dog and equine box calendars) and as covers and interiors of a wide variety of national magazines. He's written photography how-to articles and videos for corporate brands and blogs, and he also offers in-person photography workshops at his farm/studio in northern Wisconsin.

Visit his web site.