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The Art of The Crop In Photography
A Webinar presented by Scott Trees

Webinar will be presented live on Tuesday, March 12th
and repeated Wednesday, March 13th and Thursday, March 14th
A recorded version can be viewed at your convenience until April 1st
Cost: $19.99 for Members and Non-Members

"One of the most common mistakes I see when doing portfolio reviews is that the photographer captures a moment worth looking at, then doesn't present it properly. More often than not, it is because there is too much "extra" space in the image that competes for the viewer's eye. As a result that extra space takes away from the true focus of the shot. This is where understanding how to crop a photograph properly plays a very important role. There are many subtle aspects to cropping that can help make an average picture look exceptional" says international photographer Scott Trees.

In his on line webinar, Scott presents The Art of The Crop In Photography. This 30+ minute presentation will first discuss the common theories behind composition and how to use them when shooting and cropping, showing how to crop for the best presentation of an image for the viewers eye using examples. While horses are the primary subject, Scott utilizes images from his personal and commercial work to illustrate the concepts he shares. This is a course designed to help you crop your photographs regardless of the subject.

Photos by Scott Trees

A gifted teacher, Scott explains the concepts he teaches in easy to understand, and often humorous terms, while using on screen examples of his own and others work to illustrate his points. Attendees will be encouraged to submit questions during the presentation. After completion of his presentation, Scott will quickly review the submitted questions, and answer as many as possible that are relevant to the presentation content.

Three live presentations, of the same material, will be offered on the following dates and times:

    • Tuesday, March 12th, 1 PM CST
    • Wednesday, March 13th, 6 PM CST
    • Thursday, March 14th, 7 PM CST
    • Following the webinars, view a recorded version until April 1st
Participants will be encouraged to submit one photograph for consideration and use as a non identified illustration of how cropping can improve an image. Not all photographs submitted will be used, and submission does not guarantee its inclusion in the presentation. We will email additional information about submissions to participants as well as webinar access instructions.

Additional questions and discussion will be available on the EPNet Forum.

See some of Scott's work on his web site.

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  • Details on viewing the webinar will be sent via email the first week of March.
  • Participants will be able to upload one photograph for feedback as part of this course.

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About Scott Trees

International award winning Equine Photographer / Videographer Scott Trees has been providing his talent and services to equestrian and commercial clients throughout the world for over 40 years. Noted for a dramatic use of lighting in his style of shooting, his work has been featured in numerous international publications, books, and commercial venues. In 2009 he was the Featured Artist at the prestigious Kentucky Horse Park Museum of the Horse Gallery. He has given numerous seminars throughout his career, and enjoys teaching and helping students bring themselves to a different awareness level of photographic expression.

Visit Scott's web site.