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Winter is here - A Great Time to Expand Your Skills

Join fellow EPNet photographers this winter for our continuing education online short courses. Use your down time to grow your skills in Photoshop, profiting from Social Media, the secrets of better cropping and winter horse photography. All courses allow you to work at your own pace at times that work for you, within the course timeline!

Monthly Marketing for Photographers
A Virtual Workshop with Kimberly Beer

Each month in the Monthly Marketing for Photographers Virtual Workshop, Kim Beer will cover a different marketing topic important to starting and growing a successful photography business. Lessons are general enough so that beginners can utilize them, but in-depth enough that established photography businesses can benefit from the up-to-date knowledge. The virtual workshop is centered around a weekly 30 minute instructional video.

Monthly workshops begin with "The Ins and Outs of Facebook" in January and continue on with "Marketing Stategies"in February, and "eCommerce" in March. Each month begins with a free webinar.

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Workshop will begin Monday, January 9, 2017

The Art of the Crop
with Scott Trees

Perhaps this should be named "The Art in the Crop". You may be able to take great photographs but do you understand how to use Cropping to help that image shine? Acclaimed equine photographer Scott Trees will guide you through the intricacies of cropping in his webinar and discussions.

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Short course will begin Monday. January 16, 2017

Winter Horse Photography
with Daniel Johnson

Winter horse photography is definitely challenging. Elements of the scene that are obvious in person — such as the lightly falling snow — are often lost in a photograph and don't "read" well. How do we really show the viewer how the snow looks? How do we really capture the frosty whiskers and steaming breath of a horse on a cold winter's day? How do we make the snow look truly white and not gray? Whether you've struggled in the past with the challenge of winter photography or you're about to try it for the first time, this short course is aimed to help you improve your work and skills so you can achieve the images you seek.

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Two week course begins Monday, January 23, 2017