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The Basics of Equine Photography
with Carien Schippers

Course will start on June 11th
Late Registration Deadline is June 15th

Photo by Carien SchippersAre you frustrated with your technical skills when it comes to photographing horses? Are you disappointed that the images you create are not what you had envisioned? Do you find that you are confused or overwhelmed by your camera settings? If you answered yes to any of these questions then join photographer Carien Schippers for this intensive online course that will open up a new world of equine photography and bring your work to the next level. This intensive hands on course will help you understand and master your camera and allow you to apply these new skills to photographing horses and consistently achieve good, usable photos.

Photo by Carien SchippersThis course is for any photographer that would like to improve their equine photographic skills, with an emphasis on the DSLR. Recommended equipment is a DSLR with a lens that is in the 200mm range. Any focal lengths within 135-300 are suitable, with zoom lenses in this range being optimal. Renting equipment is an option. Borrow Lenses has special rates fror EPNet.

All skill level photographers are encouraged to take this course. Each participant will receive individual attention with feedback that addresses their personal goals and skills.

Photo by Carien SchippersThis five week course will introduce a new tutorial each week. As you work through the tutorials you will be encouraged to go out and shoot, applying what you have learned and then upload your best images to the forum for feedback. This course is meant to be a hands-on class and you will be encouraged to participate by shooting each week or better yet, every day, posting your work, asking questions and helping class mates. If possible students should have access to horses to practice what they learned at a minimum of once a week. If you do not have access to horses during the course you may use existing work for feedback, however shooting for the assignments is highly recommended!

You will see an improvement in your work right away as you learn basic technical skills for shooting horses and get more comfortable with your gear.

This course will take place on line so you will be able to access the material and upload your images at your convenience.

Photo by Carien Schippers

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Week One: Introductions and Equipment
• Getting to know each other: introductions and posting photos
• Getting to know your gear: camera and lenses needed for successful equine photography
• Technicals: shutter speeds, ISO, aperture, focal lengths demystified (and more!)
• Accessories

Week Two: How to get that perfect Head Shot!
• Preparation and attention to details
• Use of light, backgrounds and depth of field
• Use of props to get the best expression
• How to avoid distortion
• Getting creative

Week Three: Successfully Shooting Halter and Conformation Poses
• Breed standards and why they are important to know
• What makes a good halter photo?
• Tips and tricks for posing your subject
• Getting consistent and knowing what to look for!

Week Four: The fun part of photographing horses: Action Shots!
• Technicals: shutter speeds and focus issues
• Free action at Liberty
• Under saddle action
• Gaits: Phases of each gait and getting your timing down
• Fun shooting action assignment to practice your new skills

Week Five: Everything else!
We will discuss the elements of how to give your photos greater visual impact:
• Background
• Focus/depth of field
• Light and color
• Cropping
• Composition
• Developing your personal style and vision

What Do Past Participants Say About the Course:
"Not only has this course helped me drastically improve my equine photography, it has also helped me become a better all-around photographer. I learned more about photography, in general, than just about any other photo course I've taken previously. You have helped me move much closer to my goals." Bev Petit

"I have enjoyed the course very much and have learned a great deal from it. The readings and assignments have encouraged me to rethink my style of shooting. I am now approaching shoots in a new and better way thanks to the material from this course and feel I have improved as a photographer." Dave Boege

"I would like to say first and foremost how happy I am to have taken this course. I explained in my intro my absolute fear of shooting manually and by week two, after getting to know my gear more, I was actually excited at what I started seeing in not putting everything on auto. I have learned a lot and see things differently now, more creative control of the image you try to portray. I hope that I have succeeded in doing so and I know I will continue to learn. Thanks again Carien for all your inspiration. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course!" Dorothy Puddester

"This course had many eye openers, I was always told I could take good pictures, but I want to take great pictures.  I know that my equine photographs have improved and can only get better using all the information you provided us with. Your input was always clear and pushed us to try harder and different areas. Amazing Course"! Catharina van Leeuwenkamp

Course leader: Carien Schippers
Photo by Carien SchippersCarien has been photographing horses for over 30 years. She has shot a wide variety of breeds and disciplines from top level show horses to new born foals, wild horses, draft horses and ponies. Her work has been widely published in magazines, books, calendars and catalogs as well as commercial and art work. She has a vast and varied background photographing the equine world.

During this course she will work with each participant to train their eye and hone their skills at whatever level they may be and help them see how small changes can make a big difference in the quality of their work. Visit her site: www.imagequine.com

Registration Details About the Course

  • You do not need to be an EPNet member to take the course.
  • Late registration closes June 15th. No registrations will be accepted after June 15. No refunds after the 1st week of course.
  • Participants need to be registered on the EPNet discussion forum:
    http://www.equinephotographers.org/4um/ to be able to participate.
  • Time spent on the forum and reading the material as well as shooting for the assignments will be at your convenience. The course forum location is private, for participants' access only.
  • Threads will be created on the forum for each weeks' assignments for participants to upload to. This makes for a dynamic learning experience regardless of your skill level.

Absolute sign up deadline is June 15th. The course will start June 11th.
The course will last approximately 5 weeks. Course cost is $149.
You must be registered on the forum (no cost) to participate.

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