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Upcoming Online Photography Courses

Photo by Dan Johnson

Horses and Humans
An Equine Photography Class
with Terri Cage

Join Terri Cage for this new three week online course exploring tried and true techniques for posing horses and humans. Learn how to make the sessions fun and memorable for your client with images they will treasure. Lessons will be presented with written material and video demonstrations of portrait sessions where Terri will explain what she is doing and why. Discussions and critiques will take place in a private forum area for the course. Gain from Terri's years of experience and become more comfortable working with both horses and people in your own portrait sessions.

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The course will begin Monday, February 26, 2018

Photography Short Courses with Daniel Johnson

Join Daniel Johnson for a series of six informational short courses and expand your photography techniques and skills. Learn about what aperture really means to your photos, explore winter horse photo challenges, how to critique horse photography, tricks for giving your images a traditional look, using film in horse photography and tips for making sharp images.

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The first short course will begin Monday, November 20, 2017