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Horses and Humans
An Equine Photography Class
with Terri Cage

Three week online course will start March 4 and run for three weeks.

Photo by Terri Cage

If you have ever struggled with portraits of horses with people, follow along to learn tips and tricks of posing horses and humans together. Learn how to make the session an unforgettable experience for your client with images they will treasure. Develop a safe and pleasant environment to make your client comfortable if anything unexpected may happen. Find out what images are popular and how to achieve them using your style and bringing out the emotion in the session.

Lessons will be presented with video demonstrations of sessions where Terri will explain what she is doing and why. These will be accessed via a private YouTube link. Students will be assigned a practice session where they can present their images on the forum for critique.

Photo by Terri CageWeekly Schedule:

  • Monday - Wednesday: New material will be presented each day by noon CT. Questions via forum may be asked anytime. Terri will be online daily to answer questions.
  • Thursday - Saturday: Work on assignment.
  • Sunday: Present assignment via forum or Dropbox.
Week 1 - March 4, 2019
  • Safety during the session: Moving around the horse with equipment. Dealing with horses with separation anxiety. Watching and understanding the horse's body language. When the horse is done or needs a break. Safety tips will be shared and discussed.
  • Recommended equipment: Camera, lenses, tools for horse's expression "ear getter uppers"
  • Assistants: Why are they needed? Where do you find them? Video of an assistant during a session.
  • Assignments: 1) Make a list of equipment you have and what you need/want. 2) Find possible assistants. *Week 3 will have an assignment of a photo session, so if you are able, find a model - start looking now*.

Week 2 - March 11, 2019
  • What situations would a horse and human photo session be needed?
  • Preparing your client for a photo session. Video and examples of my client magazines. Preparing horse, clothing ideas, weather conditions.
  • Posing: Creating a session workflow, making it look effortless, when it is not. Video of a session. Examples of good/bad poses. Working with an uncooperative or unruly horse. Creating poses with these horses. Creating and capturing the bond.
  • Assignment — Develop/create client magazine or other method to prepare your client for their session.

Photo by Terri CageWeek 3 - March 18, 2019
  • Details: It's the tiny details that can make or break an image. Where to put hands, horse's expression, stance and angle. Using the horse to hide human flaws and using the human to hide horse's flaws. Using both to block background distractions. Locations & image samples of posing details to look for.
  • Working with an uncooperative horse, working with less than ideal situations. PDF and/or video.
  • What poses sell? Image samples. How to learn from your sessions what are popular with your style.
  • Assignment: Do a photo session and present up to 3 images via forum for open critique.
    Last assignment critique is available until 4/15/19.

About Terri: Terri Cage is based in a small town in North Texas, very close to the heart of horse country. Being a lifelong horse lover and owner, Terri started her photography emphasis with horses and people with her horses. Terri added senior portraits to her collections after several customers asked if she would photograph their senior portraits with their horse. Terri enjoyed photographing seniors and a new niche within her photography business was started.

Terri has a degree in fashion and design, which helps in choosing the best fashion and colors that complement each model. Her knowledge of horses helps in understanding the best angles and the correct timing to make a horse look its best. Equine photography takes a great deal of patience and it is something she has plenty of.

She has spent countless hours studying the behavior, movement, and conformation of horses. She takes pride in making you and your horse look your best. Terri also keeps a large collection of equine stock images and has been published in numerous publications.

Visit her site at http://www.terricage-photography.com/

How the Course works . . .

  • You do not need to be an EPNet member to take the course.
  • The course will start on March 4th. Late registrations accepted through March 8th.
  • Participants need to be registered on the EPNet discussion forum (no cost):
    http://www.equinephotographers.org/4um/ to be able to participate.
  • The tutorials and assignments will be posted on the forum. You will be able to access these at your convenience, as well as post your questions.
  • Participants will be able to upload their work for their assignments into the class forum area.

Late sign up deadline is March 8th. The course will start March 4th.
The course will last approximately 3 weeks. Course cost is $99.
You must be registered on the Forum (no cost) to participate.

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