Red Clay Ranch Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

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Red Clay Ranch Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

Postby Nicholas McKinley on Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:54 pm

"Red Clay Ranch Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. happened by accident, or by luck, or by Divine Providence. It was not the original plan for our retirement. That said, we are enormously grateful that fate directed us into this mission.
Having horses was initially intended as a retirement activity, but the overwhelming need for a rescue facility in our area became abundantly apparent. Starting with our four personal horses, we accepted two retirees from a local University equitation program. Being blessed with acreage, we continued to accept old horses for sanctuary.
We soon discovered that neglect and abuse were prevalent all over the country, and Georgia was no exception. We could not turn a blind eye and soon found ourselves with ever increasing numbers of equine in need. RCR’s current population holds at about 80 with some being trained for re-homing. We have adapted certain areas of our property to accommodate those with special requirements such as our blind horse population.
We are thrilled that we have found our mission in our retirement! What could be better than offering love and care to these, the most beautiful of God’s creatures?
RCR is a fully licensed, 501c3 non-profit organization designed to offer rehabilitation and sanctuary to equine in need.  We are internationally accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. We accept abused, neglected, starved horses as well as elderly horses who are living out the remainder of their days in green pastures. Also in residence are younger horses that are not otherwise adoptable due to infirmity or injury.
Owned and operated by Lee and Phil Rast, RCR is unique in that all property is privately owned. There are never administration fees or property rental fees. Thus, 100% donations are directed solely to the care of the horses." http://redclayrescue.org/about/

My name is Nicholas I am a 4-Her that has been supporting Red Clay Rescue for the last 6 years. As a high school freshman I a taking my first photography class, after a recent visit to Red Clay I captured a few photos I would like to share. Please advise how I can post these.

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Re: Red Clay Ranch Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

Postby EPNet Admin on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:00 am

Nicholas, thank you for sharing your story.

How to prepare your images for posting.

Image Specs
The file size limit is 256kb.
The longest size of your photo should be 800 pixels or less at 72dpi. If an image is larger than 800 pixels on a side it gets displayed as a link in your post.
Please post photos as JPEGs.

Upload Your Photo
Go to the "Add an Attachment" section of the message posting screen.
Click "Browse" and locate the photo you just prepared on your computer.
Enter any comments in the "File Comment" box and click "Add Attachment". You will return to the posting screen.
Your post won't go live until you click the "Submit" button. You will have a chance to preview your post and make changes.

Additional Info
Only certain forums allow photo uploads. However, you may share a link to your photos from your own website anywhere you like on the forums. You can see a list of permissions for each forum in the lower right hand corner of the page. If you don't see the "Add an Attachment" box on the posting screen, image uploads are not available for the forum you are in.

Photoshop Basics
Here are basic instructions for resizing and preparing your image in Photoshop.
1. Go to File then Open and open your image
2. Check the color profile. sRGB looks best on monitors. Go to Image > Mode > Convert to Profile. Convert to sRGB if necessary.
3. Choose Image Menu > Image Size
4. When the Image Size window opens, set resolution to 72 then change the largest pixel dimension to 504 (or size of your choice). Make sure the "Constrain Proportions" box is checked. Click on the OK button.
5. Many images need sharpening when they are reduced in size, you may sharpen your image using the Filter menu > Sharpen > Select appropriate sharpening command and adjust to your liking. Try Unsharp Mask with Amount 300%, Radius 0.2, Threshold 0 for values.
6. Save the image: File menu > Save, Save As, or Save for the Web as a .jpg.

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